The Winners Revealed: Celebrating the Best Northern Artists in the New Light Art Prize

Step into the world of Northern art as the winners of the New Light Art Prize are announced. Join us on a journey through the talent of Northumberland, Cheshire, Yorkshire, and Lancashire, as their captivating artworks come to life in a 14-month long exhibition. From mesmerizing landscapes to thought-provoking portraits, prepare to be amazed by the immense creativity and skill on display.

The Testament of Northern Art: New Light Valeria Sykes Award

Explore the stunning winner of the New Light Valeria Sykes Award, Frances Bell, as her masterpiece 'Lockdown' captivates the essence of Northumberland.

Journey into the intriguing world of Frances Bell, the deserving winner of the prestigious New Light Valeria Sykes Award. Her captivating artwork 'Lockdown' encompasses the essence of Northumberland, effortlessly bringing together the rich history and serene beauty of this remarkable region.

In 'Lockdown,' Frances skillfully showcases her immense talent as both a portrait and landscape painter. With a rich background in classical training, she takes inspiration from her surroundings and beautifully captures the emotional impact of a significant historical moment. The painting, created during the second lockdown, is a time capsule that resonates with the viewers, leaving them mesmerized by its depth and meaning.

As you immerse yourself in Frances Bell's artistic vision, let 'Lockdown' transport you to the heart of Northumberland and reflect on the resilience and beauty that arises from challenging times.

The New Light Patron's Choice: Robert Cook's Captivating 'Bog Bumper Emerging from the Moss'

Discover the mesmerizing artwork that won the New Light Patron's Choice Award by Robert Cook, as he brings nature to life through his incredible portrayal of a 'Bog Bumper' emerging from the moss.

Dive into the enchanting world created by Robert Cook, the winner of the New Light Patron's Choice Award. Through his artwork 'Bog Bumper Emerging from the Moss,' Robert skillfully combines his passion for nature, his drafting expertise, and his keen eye for detail to evoke a strong sense of wonder and connection with the natural world.

Following a successful career as a scientific illustrator, Robert turned his focus towards wildlife art, refining his skill and capturing the delicate nuances of the flora and fauna around us. 'Bog Bumper Emerging from the Moss' exemplifies his mastery of painting nature in a way that is simultaneously familiar and mysterious.

Join Robert Cook on a thrilling expedition as he takes you through the intricate textures and colors present in 'Bog Bumper Emerging from the Moss,' and let yourself be immersed in the captivating beauty of our natural world.

George Melling's Introspective Masterpiece: During the Endless Night She Felt Herself Losing Her Mind

Step into the captivating artwork of George Melling, winner of the New Light Emerging Artists Award. Let his introspective masterpiece 'During the Endless Night She Felt Herself Losing Her Mind' take you on a thought-provoking journey through surrealism and personal reflection.

Embark on a transcendental experience as we delve into the profound artistry of George Melling, recipient of the esteemed New Light Emerging Artists Award. His masterpiece 'During the Endless Night She Felt Herself Losing Her Mind' invites viewers to contemplate the depths of the human psyche, as well as our relationship with the past.

Inspired by his own experiences and nostalgia, George presents a captivating blend of surrealism and introspection in his artwork. Through meticulous composition and a striking sense of atmosphere, he intricately weaves together themes of identity, memory, and family.

Immerse yourself in the unique world created by George Melling and allow 'During the Endless Night She Felt Herself Losing Her Mind' to provoke thought, emotions, and a profound sense of introspection.

Neil Bousfield's Bewick's Place: A Journey into Reduction Relief Engraving and Woodcut

Uncover the mastery of Neil Bousfield, winner of the New Light Printmakers' Prize, as he mesmerizes us with his intricate 16 block reduction relief engraving and woodcut 'Bewick's Place.'

Discover the world of printmaking through the masterful work of Neil Bousfield, the talented and deserving winner of the New Light Printmakers' Prize. His awe-inspiring artwork, 'Bewick's Place,' showcases his expertise in relief printmaking and wood engraving, leaving us captivated by its intricacy and attention to detail.

In this remarkable piece, Neil employs a 16 block reduction method to create a visually stunning grid-like composition. Each block is carefully engraved and printed, contributing to the overall complexity and depth of 'Bewick's Place.' This woodcut masterpiece reflects Neil's extraordinary technical skills and dedication to the art of printmaking.

Join us as we dive into Neil Bousfield's artistic journey, and let 'Bewick's Place' take you on a mesmerizing exploration of this remarkable medium and its capacity for boundless creativity.

Christine Stables' The Art of Balance: Capturing the Essence of Serenity

Experience the serenity and beauty of Christine Stables' abstract painting, 'The Art of Balance,' which masterfully combines color, texture, and organic shapes to create a captivating visual experience.

Immerse yourself in the serene and vibrant world created by Christine Stables, the talented winner of the New Light Purchase Prize. Through her abstract masterpiece, 'The Art of Balance,' Christine gracefully captures the essence of tranquility and harmony.

With a background in textile art, Christine transitioned to abstract painting, allowing her to experiment with colors, glazes, and inks to create her unique visual language. 'The Art of Balance' showcases her mastery of using loose white lines to emphasize the vibrant orange hues, playing with textures, translucency, and complementary colors.

Join us on a journey of visual delight and let the symphony of colors in 'The Art of Balance' transport you to a world where serenity and beauty are harmoniously intertwined.


The New Light Art Prize Exhibition is an incredible showcase of the immense talent that Northern artists have to offer. From Frances Bell's captivating portrayal of 'Lockdown' to Robert Cook's enchanting depiction of the 'Bog Bumper' emerging from the moss, each artwork takes us on a unique and thought-provoking journey. The combined talents of George Melling, Neil Bousfield, and Christine Stables further add to the richness of this exhibition, offering us glimpses into the depth of their artistic vision.

As we walk through the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, and the various other prestigious galleries across the country, we are reminded of the exceptional creativity and skill that resides within the North of England. The New Light Art Prize not only celebrates the artists' accomplishments but also provides a platform for their invaluable contribution to the wider artistic landscape.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in this wonderful exhibition, allowing these remarkable artworks to transport us, provoke emotions, and inspire us with their beauty.

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