Transforming Plastic Waste into Art: The Inspiring Journey of Aurora Robson

Join me on a journey into the world of Aurora Robson, an extraordinary artist whose innovative works are currently on display at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Through her sculptures and installations, Robson aims to inspire a new perspective on plastic waste, transforming it from a burden into a reusable resource. Let's delve into her creative process and explore the captivating exhibition, 'Human Nature Walk.'

Inspiring a Shift in Perception

Discover how Aurora Robson's art challenges our perception of plastic waste.

Plastic waste has become an increasingly pressing issue in our society, but Aurora Robson takes a unique approach to address this problem. Through her art, she aims to transform our perception of plastic waste from a burden to a reusable resource.

Robson's sculptures and installations, showcased in the 'Human Nature Walk' exhibition, invite viewers to see plastic waste in a new light. By working with discarded pieces of plastic, she demonstrates the material's potential for beauty and transformation.

How can we change our attitudes towards plastic waste? How can we view it as a valuable resource rather than a disposable item? Join me as we explore Robson's inspiring journey and the impact of her art.

Creating Beauty from Discarded Plastic

Uncover the artistic process behind Aurora Robson's captivating sculptures.

Aurora Robson's art is a testament to her creativity and dedication. She meticulously works with hundreds, even thousands, of small discarded pieces of plastic to create her sculptures and installations.

Her process involves organizing the plastic debris by color and shape, resulting in a visually stunning landscape that resembles a forest or an underwater world. The careful arrangement of the pieces highlights the versatility and potential of plastic waste.

Robson's sculptures not only captivate the eye but also serve as a reminder of the unsustainable nature of our plastic consumption. By repurposing these materials, she challenges us to reconsider our relationship with plastic and find beauty in unexpected places.

Engaging the Community in Artmaking

Learn how Aurora Robson invites the public to contribute to her art installations.

Aurora Robson's art practice goes beyond creating beautiful sculptures. She actively involves the community in her installations, inviting them to contribute colorful plastic bottle caps to her artwork.

By encouraging public participation, Robson aims to create a sense of collective responsibility and inspire others to take action. Through this collaborative process, she fosters a deeper connection between art, nature, and the community.

Have you ever participated in a community art project? How do you think art can inspire collective action and create positive change? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

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