Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Maryvonne LaParlière

Step into the world of Maryvonne LaParlière, a renowned decorative artist whose passion for transforming furniture into captivating works of art has captivated audiences. Explore her artistic journey, from her formative years in France to her current gallery in Solvang, and discover the unique vision and creativity that define her work.

Discovering a Passion for Art

Explore Maryvonne LaParlière's early artistic journey and the roots of her passion for art.

Maryvonne LaParlière's artistic journey began at a young age in France. From her early years in Rueil-Malmaison, near Château de Malmaison, to her time in the suburbs of Paris, she cultivated a deep appreciation for art.

At just four years old, she picked up a paintbrush and started painting a cherry tart. This moment sparked her passion for art, and she embraced the challenge of capturing the right colors and details. It was a mindset that would shape her future as an artist.

Her formative years in France laid the foundation for her artistic vision, which continues to inspire her work today.

From France to California: A Creative Journey

Follow Maryvonne LaParlière's journey from France to California and the impact it had on her artistic career.

In 1987, Maryvonne LaParlière made the move to the West Coast and settled in Santa Barbara, California. It was here that she began to gain recognition for her artistic talent.

One notable project was her commission to create 70 feet of murals at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. Her artistry and craftsmanship caught the attention of prominent individuals in California, including Priscilla Presley, who became a fan of her work.

After establishing galleries in Virginia and briefly returning to Santa Barbara, LaParlière eventually found her way to the Santa Ynez Valley, where she currently resides.

The Art of Transforming Furniture

Explore Maryvonne LaParlière's unique approach to art, focusing on transforming furniture into captivating works of art.

While Maryvonne LaParlière creates magnificent works on canvas, her true passion lies in transforming furniture into art. As a decorative artist, she brings life to everyday objects.

One of her notable pieces is "The Swamp Chest," a four-drawer emerald-green dresser adorned with a painting of a swamp. Her ability to wrap entire landscapes on furniture elevates them from two-dimensional to three-dimensional art.

Her intricate attention to detail and her dedication to perfectionism are evident in every piece she creates.

A New Chapter in Solvang

Discover Galerie LaParlière, Maryvonne LaParlière's new gallery in Solvang, and her mission to connect with art enthusiasts.

Maryvonne LaParlière's artistic journey has led her to Solvang, where she recently opened Galerie LaParlière. This new space allows her to showcase her work and connect with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

Her goal is to share her passion and bring joy to others through her art. The gallery provides a platform for people to appreciate and purchase her unique creations.

With her new gallery, Maryvonne LaParlière continues to make her mark in the art world, while also supporting and promoting other talented artists in the community.

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