Unveiling the First-Ever Moot Court Fundraiser: Showcasing Island's Finest Artists

Welcome to the world of Moot Court, where high school students showcase their legal prowess in a thrilling academic contest. In a groundbreaking move, this year's event introduces a captivating twist - a fundraiser like no other. Join us as we delve into the partnership between Moot Court and a prestigious St. Thomas art gallery, bringing together the talents of budding legal minds and renowned artists. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the first-ever Moot Court fundraiser, featuring extraordinary artworks up for bidding. Let's explore this unique initiative that aims to support and recognize outstanding performances while showcasing the island's finest artistic talents.

Celebrating Young Talents: The Annual Moot Court Competition

Explore the origins and significance of the annual Moot Court competition, a platform that nurtures young talents in public speaking, advocacy, and legal knowledge.

Since its inception in 1994, the Moot Court competition has been a beacon of legal excellence and a celebration of Law Day. This academic contest brings together high school students who form teams and argue imaginary legal cases before a panel of esteemed judges. The competition serves as a stepping stone for young talents to showcase their skills in public speaking, advocacy, and their understanding of the law.

Each year, the competition grows in popularity and attracts participants from across the Virgin Islands. The 29th Moot Court, sponsored by the Judiciary of the Virgin Islands and the V.I. Bar Association, took place in 2023, marking another successful chapter in this prestigious event.

A Fusion of Art and Advocacy: The First-Ever Fundraiser

Discover the groundbreaking collaboration between the Moot Court competition and a renowned St. Thomas art gallery, as they join forces to organize the event's inaugural fundraiser.

This year, the Moot Court competition takes a bold step forward by introducing its first-ever fundraiser. Attorney Gregory Adam Thorpe, one of the organizers, recognized the opportunity to support and provide scholarships for contestants who demonstrate outstanding performances. To bring this vision to life, Thorpe approached Jane Coombes, owner of the esteemed Mango Tango Art Gallery in St. Thomas.

The collaboration between the Moot Court competition and Mango Tango Art Gallery is a testament to the power of merging different forms of creativity. The fundraiser will feature an auction showcasing works by some of the island's most renowned artists. This unique initiative aims to raise funds to support scholarships for deserving contestants, creating a synergy between the worlds of law and art.

Unveiling Extraordinary Artworks: The Auction Experience

Step into the world of art as Mango Tango Art Gallery presents a collection of exceptional artworks for the Moot Court fundraiser auction. Get ready to bid on captivating pieces by renowned artists.

Mango Tango Art Gallery, known for its commitment to promoting local and international artists, is thrilled to host the auction for the Moot Court fundraiser. The gallery will showcase a curated collection of artworks, including prints by acclaimed artist Don Dahlke and other prominent figures in the art world.

Art enthusiasts and supporters of the Moot Court competition will have the opportunity to view the auction items on Mango Tango's website, mangotangoart.com. The bidding will commence on Saturday, and the winners will be announced at the gallery's holiday art show on December 9. Don't miss this chance to own a piece of art while contributing to a worthy cause!

Scholarships for Exceptional Performances: Empowering Future Legal Minds

Learn about the scholarships awarded to the winners of the Moot Court competition and the new scholarship opportunities created through the fundraiser to support other outstanding contestants.

The Moot Court competition has always recognized and rewarded exceptional performances. The winning team is awarded $7,500 in scholarships, a testament to their dedication and legal acumen. However, this year marked a significant milestone as scholarships were extended to students beyond the winning team.

Attorney Gregory Adam Thorpe, in his pursuit of supporting young talents, aims to raise enough funds through the auction to provide scholarships for other contestants who demonstrate outstanding performances. This expansion of scholarship opportunities ensures that more aspiring legal minds receive the recognition and support they deserve.

A Holiday Art Show with a Twist: 'Donkey Years Ago'

Experience the magic of Mango Tango's holiday art show, themed 'Donkey Years Ago,' where the winners of the Moot Court fundraiser auction will be announced. Discover the captivating artworks that will adorn the gallery during this festive season.

Mango Tango's holiday art show is a highly anticipated event that brings together art enthusiasts and the local community. This year's theme, 'Donkey Years Ago,' promises to transport visitors to a whimsical world of nostalgia and creativity.

The highlight of the holiday art show will be the announcement of the winners from the Moot Court fundraiser auction. The gallery will be adorned with captivating artworks, creating a festive ambiance that celebrates both the achievements of the Moot Court competition and the artistic talents of the Virgin Islands.

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