Unveiling the Magic: A Voyage with Family and a Mysterious Boat

Welcome aboard! Today, I invite you to join me on a remarkable adventure that intertwines family bonds, cherished memories, and the allure of the unknown. As we set sail with my 91-year-old father and his latest boat, we will uncover the magic that lies within the past and the captivating stories that have shaped our lives. Get ready to be captivated by tales of Frost Giants, Norse gods, and a boat with an enchanting name. Let's embark on this extraordinary voyage together!

A Childhood of Legends

Unravel the enchanting bedtime stories that shaped our childhood and set the stage for our extraordinary voyage.

As children, my brother Frank and I were captivated by the mesmerizing tales our father spun. From Frost Giants to Scooter Squirrel, these stories ignited our imagination and instilled a sense of wonder in us.

One particular story stood out—the epic journey to Asgard aboard the magical longship, Skidbladnir. This tale, filled with mythical creatures and Norse gods, planted a seed of adventure in our hearts.

Little did we know that years later, these childhood legends would become the foundation of our own extraordinary voyage with our 91-year-old father and his mysterious new boat.

A Lifelong Obsession

Discover the origins of my father's lifelong passion for sailboats and the white whale that became his ultimate dream.

Growing up in landlocked Vermont, sailing may seem out of place. However, my father's obsession with sailboats began when my grandfather returned from World War II and they built a 16-foot Moth together.

But it was the plans for a 26-foot ketch that truly captured my father's imagination. He spent countless hours studying the rigging and designs of ancient ships, passing on his knowledge to me.

For decades, that 26-foot ketch remained his elusive dream. Little did we know that our upcoming voyage would bring him closer to realizing that dream than ever before.

From Canoes to Ketches

Trace my own journey from canoes to sailboats and the significance of naming these vessels that have shaped my life.

My own journey with boats began with canoes. At the age of 11, I bought my first canoe and embarked on countless adventures. It was a vessel of freedom and exploration.

As a teenager, I restored a 16-foot sloop and named her Kon Liki. It was my first experience with naming a boat, a tradition that holds special meaning in the sailing community.

Years later, as I embarked on my painting trips and fundraising voyages, I named my boats Bonnie and Leaflet, each with their own story and significance.

Now, with the arrival of the enigmatic Aries 32 ketch, it was time to find a name that would encompass the spirit of our adventure and honor our shared history.

The Birth of Skidbladnir

Unveil the magical name that encapsulates our voyage and the connection to the childhood stories that inspired us.

As we sat down for dinner, contemplating the purchase of the Aries 32 ketch, my father surprised us all. He declared that the boat was meant to be his, and he would make his lifelong dream a reality.

With his unwavering determination, the boat needed a name that would honor our shared history and the tales that shaped our lives. After much contemplation, it hit me—Skidbladnir, the magical longship from our childhood stories.

Though the name may not roll off the tongue easily, it holds a deep significance for the three of us. It represents our shared journey, the bond between father and sons, and the magic that lies within the past.

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