Unveiling the NEXT Movement: Season 1 - A Fusion of Art and Social Action

Welcome to the world of the NEXT Movement, where art and social action intertwine to create a powerful force for change. In this article, we delve into the mesmerizing concert film 'The NEXT Movement: Season 1,' showcasing the talents of five rising stars. Join me, Emily Adams, as we explore the transformative power of art and the impact it can have on society. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to make a difference!

The Birth of the NEXT Movement

Discover the origins of the NEXT Movement and its mission to empower Black creatives.

Founded in 2008 by a group of passionate artists and activists, the NEXT Movement emerged as a platform to amplify the voices of Black creatives and drive social change. Inspired by the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance, our founders aimed to provide access and visibility to talented artists.

With a digital poster series displayed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and throughout Atlanta, the movement quickly gained attention and inspired hope in the community. Co-founder and CEO, Faith Carmichael, envisioned a space where art and social action could intersect, sparking inspiration and dialogue.

The Evolution: From Posters to Concert Film

Witness the transformation of the NEXT Movement from digital posters to a captivating concert film.

Building on the success of their digital poster series, the NEXT Movement set their sights on Atlanta's Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). They approached MARTA with a unique request to use a train for filming, and with their agreement, a rail car was transformed into a speakeasy-inspired sound stage.

The concert film, 'The NEXT Movement: Season 1,' showcases the incredible talents of rising stars including HBO Def Jam poet Carlos Andres Gomez, Atlanta griot poet Jon Goode, musician CC Sunchild, visual artist Melissa A. Mitchell, and cellist Okorie 'OkCello' Johnson. This fusion of artistic disciplines creates a mesmerizing experience that transcends boundaries.

A Collaborative Effort for Change

Discover the collaborative partnerships that made 'The NEXT Movement: Season 1' possible.

To bring 'The NEXT Movement: Season 1' to life, the NEXT team collaborated with various organizations and supporters. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights became the venue sponsor, providing a powerful backdrop for the concert film. Other partners, including Egbert Perry, chairman and CEO of the Integral Group, the National Black Arts Foundation, Arts and Entertainment Atlanta, Orange Barrel Media, and the Southern Black Girls' and Women's Consortium, contributed to the success of the project.

Furthermore, WABE, a PBS TV station in Atlanta, joined forces with NEXT to air the programming, ensuring that the message reaches a wider audience. This collaborative effort highlights the power of unity in driving meaningful change.

Inspiring Artistic Expression and Social Action

Explore the transformative impact of art and social action in the NEXT Movement.

The NEXT Movement goes beyond entertainment; it serves as a catalyst for social change. By providing a platform for artists who combine their craft with a commitment to social justice, the movement inspires individuals to take action and challenge societal norms.

Through 'The NEXT Movement: Season 1,' viewers are exposed to the incredible talent and passion of these artists. Their performances and creative expressions spark conversations, ignite emotions, and encourage viewers to reflect on their own role in shaping a more inclusive and equitable society.

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