Unveiling Seattle's New Arts Hub at King Street Train Station

Seattle's historic King Street train station has just unveiled its newest addition - Station Space, a vibrant arts and culture hub. This dedicated space aims to provide a safe haven for young artists, particularly underserved Indigenous people and communities of color. With a 60-year rent-free lease, Station Space is set to nurture the dreams and talents of the city's youth, fostering artistic expression and a sense of belonging. Let's delve into the details of this exciting new venture and the positive impact it promises to bring.

A New Home for Young Artists

Discover how Station Space provides a nurturing environment for young artists to thrive and express themselves.

Station Space is more than just a physical space; it is a new home for young artists in Seattle. With a 60-year rent-free lease, this dedicated arts and culture hub offers a safe haven for artistic expression and creative exploration.

Here, young artists can find inspiration, support, and a sense of belonging. The goal is to empower these talented individuals and provide them with the resources they need to pursue their artistic dreams.

Totem Star: Amplifying Young Voices

Learn about Totem Star, a music recording studio that empowers young artists and amplifies their voices.

Totem Star, one of the anchor tenants at Station Space, has been making a significant impact on the lives of young musicians since its inception in 2010. Started by Daniel Pak and Thaddeus Turner, Totem Star began as a project to help young men who were just released from juvenile detention.

Through music, these young artists found a new direction and purpose in life. Now, Totem Star is expanding its reach with a state-of-the-art recording studio at Station Space, thanks to generous donations from Sony and Vulcan Studios.

With the support of experienced sound engineers and a dedicated team, Totem Star continues to champion and amplify the voices of young artists in Seattle.

Red Eagle Soaring: Empowering Native American Youths

Explore how Red Eagle Soaring provides a creative home for Native American youths through theater workshops and performances.

Red Eagle Soaring, another tenant at Station Space, focuses on empowering Native American youths through theater. For years, they have had to navigate various spaces to conduct their workshops and performances.

Now, with a dedicated theater space at Station Space, Red Eagle Soaring finally has a creative home. This new space allows them to provide a nurturing environment for young Native American artists to explore their cultural heritage and express themselves through the performing arts.

Supporting Young Artists' Career Paths

Discover how The Jackson Street Music Project and Wh!psmart are helping young artists build successful careers in the creative arts.

The Jackson Street Music Project, led by James Gore, is dedicated to helping young people break into the entertainment industry. Through classes and mentorship programs, they provide aspiring musicians, actors, and performers with the tools they need to succeed.

Wh!psmart, on the other hand, focuses on workforce development in the creative arts. With a grant from the state, they have launched a mentorship program to guide young artists starting their careers in music, theater, film, and other artistic fields.

Both organizations are committed to ensuring that young artists have the support and resources necessary to turn their creative passions into successful careers.

The Rhapsody Project: Empowering Underprivileged Youth Through Music

Learn about The Rhapsody Project and their mission to provide music classes and workshops for underprivileged young people.

The Rhapsody Project is dedicated to making music education accessible to underprivileged young people. Through their classes and workshops, they provide a platform for these individuals to explore their musical talents and develop their skills.

As a tenant at Station Space, The Rhapsody Project continues to empower and inspire young artists, giving them the opportunity to discover the transformative power of music.

They will be hosting a concert fundraiser at Benaroya Hall on December 2nd to further support their mission and provide more opportunities for underprivileged youth.


Station Space at King Street train station is a beacon of hope and opportunity for young artists in Seattle. This dedicated arts and culture hub provides a nurturing environment where creativity can flourish and voices can be amplified.

Through the support of organizations like Totem Star, Red Eagle Soaring, The Jackson Street Music Project, Wh!psmart, and The Rhapsody Project, young artists from diverse backgrounds are given the tools and resources they need to pursue their artistic dreams.

Station Space is not just a physical space; it is a symbol of inclusivity, empowerment, and community. It represents a future where the arts are accessible to all and where young artists can thrive and make a lasting impact.

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