Unveiling the Unexpected: Seattle Kraken's Artistic Jerseys Showcase the Power of Diversity

Tucked away on the Northeast corner of Seattle Center campus lies the A/NT, a proudly artist-run gallery situated cozily abreast Climate Pledge Arena. For nearly 35 years, the gallery has offered up its walls for emerging and established artists to display their work. And earlier this month, the gallery’s largest room bustled with life in reception of its newest exhibition, showcasing perhaps its most unexpected collection to date: brightly-colored hockey jerseys.

Celebrating Diversity Through Artistic Expression

Explore how the Seattle Kraken's artistic jerseys celebrate diversity and embrace the community.

The Seattle Kraken's collaboration with local artists for their specialty jerseys is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity and celebration of diversity. These vibrant jerseys, showcased at the A/NT gallery, go beyond the traditional hockey gear and serve as a powerful statement on the importance of embracing difference.

By featuring designs influenced by the Pacific Northwest's people, landscape, and history, as well as its hockey roots, the Kraken's jerseys showcase the unique identity of the team and its connection to the community it calls home.

Each jersey tells a story, reflecting the rich and diverse cultures that make up Seattle. From Indigenous People's Night to Black Hockey History Night and Pride Night, these jerseys symbolize the Kraken's dedication to recognizing and honoring various communities.

The Intersection of Art and Culture

Discover how the Seattle Kraken's jerseys blend art, culture, and hockey.

Through the collaboration with local artists, the Seattle Kraken's jerseys transcend their role as sports uniforms and become artistic expressions of the team's identity. The designs draw inspiration from the vibrant art scene and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

Each jersey is a unique representation of the intersection between art and hockey, incorporating elements that pay homage to the region's history and traditions. From the Lunar New Year jersey featuring a water dragon symbolizing Korean and Chinese culture to other designs that capture the essence of the city's diverse communities, these jerseys showcase the power of art to bridge cultures and create connections.

Fostering Inclusivity and Community Engagement

Learn how the Seattle Kraken's specialty jerseys promote inclusivity and community engagement.

The Seattle Kraken's collaboration with local artists for their specialty jerseys goes beyond aesthetics. These jerseys serve as a platform to raise awareness and support for various communities.

By dedicating theme and celebration nights to important causes such as Indigenous People's Night, Black Hockey History Night, and Pride Night, the Kraken use their jerseys as a means to celebrate and honor diverse identities. The signed versions of these jerseys are auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting organizations like the One Roof Foundation, further reinforcing the team's commitment to community engagement and making a positive impact.

The Power of Art to Unite

Discover how the Seattle Kraken's jerseys symbolize unity and the power of teamwork.

While each jersey design is unique, they all share a common purpose – to represent the Seattle Kraken and the community it represents. The jerseys showcase the power of unity and teamwork, both on and off the ice.

Through the collaboration between the artists and the team, the jerseys bring together different artistic styles and cultural influences, demonstrating that strength lies in embracing diversity. Just as a team is stronger when all its members work together, the Seattle Kraken's jerseys symbolize the collective power of a community united by a shared love for the game and a commitment to inclusivity.

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