Unveiling the Vibrant World of Graffiti Art: The Story of Mural Makers

Growing up in Point Pleasant, Jay Mack, a Toms River resident, was captivated by the world of graffiti art. In collaboration with his business partner Tim Sramowicz, they launched Mural Makers, a graffiti art company that is making waves in the art scene. Join us as we delve into their inspiring journey and explore the magic of their vibrant and captivating murals.

The Early Fascination with Graffiti Art

Explore Jay Mack's childhood passion for graffiti art and how it sparked his journey into the world of mural making.

From a young age, Jay Mack was drawn to the world of graffiti art. Discover how his fascination with graffiti art developed and became the foundation for his artistic journey.

As a child, Jay Mack's experiences with painting crab shells in Puerto Rico and learning from his babysitter, an art teacher, ignited his love for art. However, it was graffiti art that truly captured his imagination.

Delve into Jay Mack's early experiences with graffiti art and how he embraced the forbidden allure of this unique form of artistic expression.

The Evolution of a Passion

Follow Jay Mack's artistic journey from his early graffiti art endeavors to his collaboration with Tim Sramowicz and the birth of Mural Makers.

While working in the flooring business, Jay Mack continued to hone his graffiti art skills and paint murals as a hobby. However, his passion for art soon led him to take classes at Asbury Park-based art supply store Rebirth, where he met his longtime friend and future business partner, Tim Sramowicz.

Discover how Jay Mack's big break came when he was hired to create a mural for A&J Sneakers in Asbury Park, catching the attention of art supply company Liquitex. This opportunity opened doors for Jay Mack, leading to collaborations with major brands and artists.

Learn how Jay Mack and Tim Sramowicz joined forces to launch Mural Makers, combining their individual talents to create captivating and vibrant murals that have made them the most requested muralists in the Shore area.

The Artistic Process of Mural Making

Get an inside look into the creative process of Mural Makers, from conceptualization to execution, and the range of projects they undertake.

When clients approach Mural Makers, they embark on a collaborative journey. Tim Sramowicz plans and stages the concept, presenting it graphically, while Jay Mack brings the artwork to life in the actual space.

Explore the diverse range of projects undertaken by Mural Makers, from small canvases to large-scale murals in homes, restaurants, and even Trader Joe's stores. Discover how their signature style, which often incorporates black and white with pops of color, creates captivating and eye-catching pieces of art.

Learn about the challenges Mural Makers face, from securing permission to adhering to town regulations, and how they overcome these obstacles to deliver exceptional and impactful murals.

The Rising Popularity of Graffiti Art

Uncover the growing appreciation for graffiti art as a respected form of creative expression and its impact on businesses and communities.

Graffiti art, once considered vandalism, is now gaining recognition as a respected form of creative expression. Discover how the perception of graffiti art has evolved and how muralists like Mural Makers are contributing to its positive transformation.

Explore the impact of graffiti art on businesses and communities. Learn how businesses are leveraging the cool and edgy vibe of graffiti murals to attract customers and create a unique brand identity. Discover how cities are embracing muralists and granting permission for the creation of captivating pieces of art.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on the rising popularity of graffiti art and its impact on the artistic landscape and society as a whole.

The Future of Mural Makers

Discover the exciting plans and aspirations of Mural Makers as they continue to push the boundaries of their art and expand their team.

Mural Makers has exciting plans for the future. They are launching a new website and will be offering limited-edition prints of their murals, as well as merchandise like sweatshirts, T-shirts, and a coffee table book.

Learn about their aspirations to expand their team and take on more projects, collaborating with other talented artists to create even more captivating and vibrant murals.

Join Mural Makers on their journey as they continue to push the boundaries of their art, inspire others, and leave a lasting legacy through their captivating and vibrant murals.


Mural Makers, led by Jay Mack and Tim Sramowicz, have left an indelible mark on the art scene with their captivating and vibrant murals. What started as a childhood fascination with graffiti art has evolved into a thriving business that pushes the boundaries of creative expression.

Through their collaboration, Mural Makers has created stunning murals for a wide range of clients, from local businesses to major brands. Their unique style and attention to detail have made them the most requested muralists in the Shore area.

As the popularity of graffiti art continues to rise, Mural Makers is at the forefront of this artistic movement. They are constantly pushing themselves to create bigger and bolder murals, while also inspiring others to embrace the beauty and creativity of this unique art form.

Join Mural Makers on their exciting journey as they continue to make their mark on the artistic landscape, one vibrant mural at a time.

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