Discover Unique Fair Trade Products at ArtRage Gallery's Holiday Sale

Welcome to ArtRage Gallery's annual Fair Trade Holiday Sale! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of ethically sourced and certified fair trade products. From handmade textiles and baskets to beautifully embroidered shoes and sandals, this event showcases the talents of artisans from Guatemala, Mexico, and beyond. Join us on December 8th and 9th to support these artisans and find unique treasures for yourself or your loved ones.

Discover Unique Handmade Textiles and Baskets

Explore the vibrant world of Guatemalan craftsmanship

Discover Unique Fair Trade Products at ArtRage Gallery's Holiday Sale - -838194471

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Guatemalan artistry at ArtRage Gallery's Fair Trade Holiday Sale. Discover a stunning collection of handmade textiles and baskets, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from rural Guatemalan highlands. These pieces showcase a wide range of weaving techniques, from backstrap loom weaving to crochet and embroidery.

Mayan Hands, a renowned organization based in Albany, NY, collaborates with 15 artisan groups to bring you these exquisite creations. By supporting this fair trade initiative, you contribute to the empowerment of over 200 craftswomen and the preservation of their traditional skills.

Step into the World of Beautifully Embroidered Shoes and Sandals

Experience the artistry of indigenous Zapotec women

Indulge in the beauty of hand-embroidered and handwoven shoes and sandals from DAVA, a project founded by the García García family in Oaxaca, Mexico. These unique footwear pieces are created by indigenous Zapotec women using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

Every pair of shoes is a testament to their commitment to preserving their cultural heritage and protecting the environment. The fabrics are woven using backstrap or pedal looms, with locally sourced cotton or wool. The leather is tanned naturally, using leaves and tree bark, ensuring sustainable practices.

Support Artisans Worldwide with SERRV International

Discover a global selection of fair trade products

SERRV International, a nonprofit organization based in Wisconsin, brings you a diverse range of fair trade products from 24 countries worldwide. By shopping at ArtRage Gallery's Fair Trade Holiday Sale, you can support over 8,000 artisans and farmers who work with SERRV.

Explore their selection of coffee, chocolate, tea, holiday ornaments, and decorations. Each purchase not only provides economic opportunities for artisans but also promotes sustainable and ethical practices in the global marketplace.

Discover Unique Jewelry from Kenya

Make a statement while supporting a meaningful cause

Add a touch of elegance and make a positive impact with jewelry from Kenya. Syracuse's All Saints Church LGTBQ Task Force brings you exquisite pieces in support of the NGO Nairobi - Break Margins Africa.

With each purchase, you contribute to providing housing and trade education to young men who have been ostracized from their families due to their sexual orientation. Stand out with stunning jewelry while supporting a cause that promotes inclusivity and empowerment.

A History of Fair Trade at ArtRage Gallery

Learn about the origins of this annual event

The Fair Trade Sale at ArtRage Gallery has been a beloved tradition since 2011. It all began with the art exhibition titled 'Daughters of Ixchel - Women Weavers of Guatemala,' which showcased the photography of local artist Mary Lawyer O'Connor alongside traditional Mayan textiles.

This exhibition inspired ArtRage to make these beautiful creations available for sale to the Syracuse community. Over the years, the Fair Trade Sale has expanded to include vendors from Ghana, Colombia, India, Turkey, and Eswatini, offering a diverse selection of goods from around the world.

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