Experience the Vibrant Events in Boulder: Lights, Music, and Festivities

Welcome to Boulder, where the holiday season is in full swing with a plethora of exciting events to indulge in. From captivating parades and enchanting concerts to creative workshops and festive markets, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join me, Emily Bennett, as I take you on a journey through the vibrant events happening in Boulder. Get ready to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Lights of December Parade: A Dazzling Display of Community Spirit

Experience the magic of the Lights of December Parade in Boulder, where local businesses, churches, schools, and community groups come together to create spectacular floats. Get ready to be enchanted by the festive atmosphere and catch a glimpse of Santa Claus himself.

Experience the Vibrant Events in Boulder: Lights, Music, and Festivities - 768832393

The Lights of December Parade is a beloved annual event that brings the community together in a dazzling display of holiday spirit. As the parade winds its way through the streets of Boulder, you'll be treated to a feast for the eyes with beautifully decorated floats created by local businesses, churches, schools, and community groups.

Make sure to find a spot along the parade route, which starts at 15th and Walnut Streets. As the parade makes its way west to Broadway, you'll be captivated by the creativity and artistry on display. The parade continues north on Broadway, with a reviewing stand at Broadway & Pearl, before turning east on Spruce and finishing at 15th and Spruce.

Don't miss the grand finale, where Santa Claus himself will make an appearance, spreading joy and holiday cheer. This free event is perfect for all ages and is sure to leave you with cherished memories of the holiday season.

CU Wizards Show: Unleashing the Magic of Physics

Join Professors Eleanor Hodby and Steven Pollock at the CU Wizards Show for an awe-inspiring exploration of the physics of light and colors. Prepare to be amazed as they unravel the mysteries behind these fascinating phenomena.

Calling all science enthusiasts! The CU Wizards Show is a must-see event for those curious about the wonders of physics. Led by the dynamic duo of Professors Eleanor Hodby and Steven Pollock, this show will take you on a journey through the captivating world of light and colors.

Prepare to be mesmerized as they demonstrate mind-bending experiments and share their deep knowledge of the subject. From the science behind rainbows to the secrets of color perception, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the physics that govern our visual world.

Best of all, this event is completely free, making it accessible to all. Bring your friends and family along for an educational and entertaining experience that will leave you in awe of the magic of physics.

Tales on the Trails: A Whimsical Journey with the Grinch

Embark on a delightful outdoor walk at Niwot Sculpture Park and immerse yourself in the enchanting story of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Join in the festive fun as you experience this beloved tale come to life amidst the beauty of nature.

Step into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss as you join the Tales on the Trails event at Niwot Sculpture Park. This unique experience combines a leisurely outdoor walk with a captivating performance of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'

As you stroll through the park, the story will unfold before your eyes, with talented performers bringing the beloved characters to life. Immerse yourself in the magic of the holiday season as you witness the Grinch's heartwarming transformation and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Tickets for this enchanting event range from $8 to $14, and it's an experience that both children and adults will treasure. Don't miss the opportunity to create lasting memories and celebrate the holiday season in a truly magical way.

Holiday Harp Concert: A Melodic Journey into Winter Wonderland

Indulge in the soothing sounds of the Boulder Harp Ensemble as they take you on a musical journey through winter-themed melodies. From traditional folk songs to excerpts from The Nutcracker, this concert is sure to warm your heart and fill you with holiday cheer.

If you're a fan of music, the Holiday Harp Concert at the Boulder Public Library is not to be missed. The talented members of the Boulder Harp Ensemble, composed of young harpists aged 7-18, will transport you to a winter wonderland with their enchanting melodies.

Prepare to be captivated by their renditions of beloved winter-themed tunes, including the mesmerizing 'Carol of the Bells' and the enchanting melodies from The Nutcracker. The concert will also feature a selection of traditional folk songs and light classical pieces.

Best of all, this concert is free to attend, making it the perfect opportunity to relax and immerse yourself in the joyous sounds of the holiday season. Don't miss this musical treat that is sure to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

Wookiefoot Concert: Spreading Inspiration through Music

Get ready for an unforgettable evening of music and inspiration with the band Wookiefoot. Known for their uplifting performances, this concert at the Fox Theatre promises to be a night of joy, connection, and positive vibes.

Calling all music lovers! Prepare to be blown away by the infectious energy and uplifting music of Wookiefoot. This band, which also doubles as a non-profit charity organization, is renowned for their inspiring live sets that leave audiences feeling connected and uplifted.

Head to the Fox Theatre for an evening filled with positive vibes and soul-stirring melodies. Let the music wash over you as you dance, sing along, and immerse yourself in the transformative power of music.

Tickets for this highly anticipated concert range from $22.50 to $25, and they are selling fast. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Wookiefoot and join in the celebration of music, community, and inspiration.

Holiday Faire: Discover Unique Gifts and Artistic Treasures

Explore the Holiday Faire at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center, where local artists showcase their wares. From stunning photography and handmade jewelry to one-of-a-kind holiday items, this event is a treasure trove of unique gifts and artistic creations.

If you're on the lookout for unique and meaningful gifts, the Holiday Faire at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center is the perfect destination. This event brings together a diverse range of talented artists from the Front Range, showcasing their exquisite creations.

As you wander through the faire, you'll discover a wide array of artistic treasures, including stunning photography, intricately crafted leatherwork, beautiful canine gifts, sparkling jewelry, and an assortment of crystals and holiday items.

Best of all, admission to the Holiday Faire is free, allowing you to explore at your leisure and find that perfect gift for your loved ones. Support local artists and indulge in the joy of finding unique and handcrafted treasures that will make this holiday season truly special.

Boulder County Farmers Markets: A Local-Only Holiday Shopping Experience

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Boulder County Farmers Markets winter market. Discover an abundance of locally sourced produce, artisanal food products, and handcrafted goods, making it the ideal place for a unique and sustainable holiday shopping experience.

Step into a world of local flavors and handmade delights at the Boulder County Farmers Markets winter market. This market brings together local farmers, ranchers, food producers, and artisans, offering a wide range of products that are sourced and created right here in the community.

From farm-fresh produce and artisanal food products to handcrafted goods and unique gifts, you'll find everything you need for a sustainable and meaningful holiday shopping experience. Support local businesses and connect with the passionate individuals who bring these exceptional products to the market.

Head to the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the winter market. Discover the stories behind the products, engage with the vendors, and take home a piece of Boulder County's vibrant local culture.

Gingerbread House Decorating: Unleash Your Creativity

Join the Gingerbread House Decorating event at The Courtyard in Louisville and let your creativity run wild. Create your own edible masterpiece using a gingerbread house, candy, icing, and a sprinkle of holiday magic.

Calling all aspiring architects and sugar enthusiasts! The Gingerbread House Decorating event at The Courtyard in Louisville is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine. Get ready to design and decorate your very own gingerbread house, complete with all the candy and icing you need to bring it to life.

Whether you're a seasoned decorator or trying your hand at gingerbread house design for the first time, this event is suitable for all skill levels. Let your imagination soar as you create a festive masterpiece that will delight both young and old.

Tickets for this event are priced at $23 per person and include a kids' hot chocolate to keep the creativity flowing. Don't miss this chance to indulge in some sweet holiday fun and create a delicious work of art.

Winter Wonderland Workshop: Let Your Imagination Soar

Unleash your creativity at the Winter Wonderland Workshop at the Boulder Public Library. Build motorized contraptions, slopes for LEGO skiers, and create a magical winter wonderland using engineering, architecture, and your boundless imagination.

Calling all young engineers and creative minds! The Winter Wonderland Workshop at the Boulder Public Library is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination soar. Join us as we embark on a journey of creativity, engineering, and architectural exploration.

In this hands-on workshop, participants aged 6-11 will have the chance to build motorized contraptions like snowmobiles and gondolas. You'll also have the opportunity to create slopes for LEGO skiers and sledders, bringing your very own winter wonderland to life.

Registration is required for this workshop, so make sure to secure your spot and prepare for an afternoon of fun and innovation. Let your creativity take center stage as you design, build, and explore the endless possibilities of a winter wonderland.

Santa Costumed Long Pose Figure Drawing: A Festive Artistic Experience

Join the Santa costumed long pose figure drawing event at the NoBo Art Center for a unique and festive artistic experience. Capture the holiday spirit as you create your own masterpiece with Santa posing alongside Christmas cookies, milk, and wrapped gifts.

Calling all figurative artists and lovers of the holiday season! The Santa costumed long pose figure drawing event at the NoBo Art Center is a one-of-a-kind artistic experience that combines the magic of Christmas with the beauty of figurative art.

Take your artistic skills to new heights as you capture the essence of the holiday spirit in your own unique way. Santa will pose on a comfortable armchair, surrounded by Christmas cookies, milk, and beautifully wrapped gifts, creating a festive atmosphere that is sure to inspire your creativity.

During the event, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy hot cocoa, tea, and cookies while you work on your masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the joy of the season and create a stunning artwork that captures the magic of Christmas.

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