InVISIBLE: A Multimedia Exhibition Sharing the Stories of Former Residents of Ballarat Children's Home

Welcome to the world of InVISIBLE, a captivating multimedia exhibition at Art Space Ballarat that sheds light on the experiences of those who once called the former Ballarat Children's Home their home. Through various art forms, including visual and sound art, 3D modelling, projections, and stop-motion animation, this exhibition brings to life the stories of four former residents. Join me, Emily Bennett, as we delve into their journey of survival, freedom, resistance, and liberation within the walls of the institution. Let's explore the emotions, connections, and personal memories that this exhibition evokes.

Exploring the Lives of Former Residents

Uncover the stories and experiences of the individuals who once lived in the Ballarat Children's Home.

InVISIBLE: A Multimedia Exhibition Sharing the Stories of Former Residents of Ballarat Children's Home - 1213024465

Step into the world of the InVISIBLE exhibition and immerse yourself in the lives of the former residents of the Ballarat Children's Home. Through a diverse range of artistic mediums, their stories come to life, shedding light on their unique experiences within the institution.

Discover the emotions, challenges, and triumphs that these individuals faced during their time at the home. From tales of survival to moments of liberation, their narratives provide a glimpse into a world that was once hidden from view.

Themes of Survival and Escape

Delve into the themes of survival and escape that are explored in the InVISIBLE exhibition.

One of the prominent themes in the InVISIBLE exhibition is the concept of survival. Through the artwork, you will witness the resilience and strength of these individuals as they navigated life within the institution. From finding solace in art to forming bonds with fellow residents, their stories of survival are both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Escape is another theme that permeates the exhibition. Experience the yearning for freedom that these individuals felt and the various ways in which they sought to break free from the confines of the children's home. Through art forms such as 3D modelling and stop-motion animation, you will witness their attempts to find liberation and create their own paths.

Resistance and Persistence: Voices Unheard

Learn about the themes of resistance and persistence in the InVISIBLE exhibition, highlighting the voices that were often unheard.

The InVISIBLE exhibition amplifies the voices of those who were often silenced. Through the artwork, you will witness acts of resistance and defiance against the oppressive environment of the children's home. These individuals refused to be defined by their circumstances and fought for their right to be heard.

Experience the power of persistence as you explore the stories of these individuals who never gave up on their dreams and aspirations. Despite the challenges they faced, they persevered and found ways to express themselves through art, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of others.

Liberation and Connection: Finding Freedom

Discover the themes of liberation and connection in the InVISIBLE exhibition, showcasing the journey towards freedom and the importance of human connection.

Experience the transformative power of liberation as you witness the stories of these individuals breaking free from the confines of the children's home. Through art that captures their journey towards freedom, you will be inspired by their resilience and determination to create a better future for themselves.

At the heart of the InVISIBLE exhibition lies the importance of human connection. Explore the artworks that depict the bonds formed between the residents and the impact of these connections on their lives. Witness the strength that comes from shared experiences and the lasting friendships that were forged within the walls of the children's home.

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