Revitalizing Triangle Park: A Community Project for Manawa's Sesquicentennial Celebration

Welcome to Manawa, where the community is coming together to breathe new life into Triangle Park. As we gear up for Manawa's sesquicentennial celebration in August 2024, a dedicated group of citizens and organizations are working tirelessly to refurbish and update the park's sign. Join me, Emily Adams, as we explore this exciting community project that aims to honor our town's rich history and showcase the vibrant spirit of our local churches, clubs, and civic organizations within the Manawa School District.

Triangle Park: A Symbol of Community Unity

Discover the significance of Triangle Park and how it serves as a gathering place for the Manawa community.

Revitalizing Triangle Park: A Community Project for Manawa's Sesquicentennial Celebration - -599987160

Triangle Park holds a special place in the heart of Manawa. It has been a central meeting point for residents and visitors alike, serving as a symbol of community unity. This serene park, nestled in downtown Manawa, has witnessed countless memories and now stands ready for a revitalization project that will bring it back to its former glory.

As we embark on Manawa's sesquicentennial celebration, the renovation of Triangle Park takes on even greater significance. It is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, honoring our past while looking towards a vibrant future. Let's delve into the details of this exciting project and how it will benefit the entire Manawa School District.

Preserving History: Refurbishing the Park's Sign

Learn about the efforts to refurbish and update the sign at Triangle Park, preserving its historical significance.

The current sign at Triangle Park, erected by the Manawa Federated Women's Club in 1986, holds sentimental value for the community. To preserve its historical significance, FineLee Finished Carpentry of Manawa has taken on the responsibility of refurbishing the sign. Their expertise will ensure that the sign is restored to its former glory, paying homage to the past while embracing the future.

Additionally, the Little Wolf High School Art Department will contribute their artistic talents by painting the logos of various churches, clubs, and civic organizations in the Manawa School District. This collaborative effort will create a visually stunning display that represents the diverse fabric of our community.

Embracing Technology: The Digital Sign Addition

Explore the exciting addition of a double-sided digital sign to Triangle Park, enhancing communication and promoting community events.

Triangle Park is about to enter the digital age with the addition of a state-of-the-art double-sided digital sign. Creative Sign Co. of De Pere will be installing this modern marvel, which will serve as a platform for announcing meeting dates and special events for all the churches, clubs, and organizations represented on the sign.

Not only will the digital sign keep the community informed about upcoming events, but it will also provide an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to promote their own special events. This interactive feature will foster greater community engagement and ensure that Triangle Park remains a hub of activity and connection.

Honoring the Past: Relocating the Melvin Handrich Historical Marker

Discover the plan to relocate the Melvin Handrich Historical Marker and how it will contribute to preserving Manawa's history.

As part of the Triangle Park renovation project, the Melvin Handrich Historical Marker will be relocated to Manawa Area Veterans Freedom Park. This move is a strategic decision to consolidate historical landmarks and create a more cohesive historical narrative for our town.

The relocation of the Melvin Handrich Historical Marker not only pays tribute to an important figure in Manawa's history but also ensures that future generations can learn about our rich heritage. It is a testament to our commitment to preserving and celebrating our past.

Celebrating Community: Unveiling the Renovated Park

Mark your calendars for the sesquicentennial celebration in August 2024, where the renovated Triangle Park will be unveiled to the community.

The Triangle Park Renovation Committee is hard at work, planning a grand unveiling of the renovated park during Manawa's sesquicentennial celebration. This momentous event, scheduled for the first weekend of August 2024, will be a true celebration of our community's spirit and resilience.

Join us as we come together to witness the transformation of Triangle Park. The community sign, adorned with logos representing our churches, clubs, and civic organizations, will stand as a testament to the unity and pride that defines Manawa. The digital sign will serve as a beacon of information, keeping us connected and engaged in the vibrant tapestry of events that unfold within our town.

Supporting the Project: Donations and Recognition

Find out how you can contribute to the Triangle Park renovation project and nominate individuals for recognition on the community sign.

The Triangle Park Renovation Committee welcomes donations to support this community-driven project. Whether you are a church, civic organization, club, or an individual, your contribution will make a difference. Donations can be directed to [email protected] or by contacting Mary Mann at 920-540-7589.

In addition to financial support, the committee is seeking nominations of present or past residents of Manawa who have received noteworthy state and/or national recognition. These individuals will be honored on the community sign, further showcasing the achievements and contributions of our community members.

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