Unveiling the Captivating World of Sculptor KS Radhakrishnan

Step into the mesmerizing world of sculptor KS Radhakrishnan, where bronze sculptures come to life with effortless fluidity. In this retrospective exhibition, titled 'On the Open Road,' hosted by Gallerie Nvya at Delhi's Bikaner House, you will be captivated by the artist's 50 life-sized figures, inviting you to become one with the crowd. Join me as we delve into the artistic journey of this renowned sculptor and explore the emotional depth behind his creations.

The Artistic Journey of KS Radhakrishnan

Explore the formative years and influences that shaped the artistic journey of sculptor KS Radhakrishnan.

Unveiling the Captivating World of Sculptor KS Radhakrishnan - 1281637735

KS Radhakrishnan's artistic journey began in Santiniketan, where he studied under the guidance of renowned pedagogues Ramkinkar Baij and Sarbari Roy Choudhury. Immersed in the artistic atmosphere of Santiniketan, Radhakrishnan found his passion for sculpture and felt a deep connection to the place.

Discovering his preferred medium of bronze, Radhakrishnan's sculptures started to take shape with a unique focus on capturing motion and fluidity. Inspired by his encounters with people and their stories, his works evolved to reflect the struggles and triumphs of migrants who settle in Delhi, depicted through his 'Human Boxes' and 'Memories' series.

As you immerse yourself in Radhakrishnan's retrospective exhibition, you will witness the evolution of his artistry over five decades, from his early days in Santiniketan to his current exploration of merging paper pulp with bronze. Prepare to be captivated by the emotional depth and thought-provoking narratives that his sculptures convey.

The Enigmatic 'Crowd' Installation

Step into the surreal dimension of 'The Crowd,' a massive installation that showcases the effortless fluidity and inviting spaces between the bronze figures.

At the heart of KS Radhakrishnan's retrospective exhibition lies 'The Crowd,' a mesmerizing installation featuring 50 life-sized bronze figures. Unlike traditional static sculptures, Radhakrishnan's figures exude a sense of motion and dynamism, inviting viewers to step into their world.

As you walk among the bronze people, you will be drawn into a surreal dimension, where the space between the figures becomes an integral part of the artwork. This immersive experience allows you to become one with the crowd, evoking a range of emotions and reflections on the human condition.

Just like Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz's fibre works, 'The Crowd' captures people frozen in time. However, Radhakrishnan's approach brings a unique sense of fluidity and effortless grace to the figures, creating a captivating and thought-provoking installation.

The Influence of Masui and Maiya

Discover the story behind Masui and Maiya, the recurring faces in KS Radhakrishnan's sculptures, and their significance in his artistic expression.

Within KS Radhakrishnan's body of work, the faces of Masui and Maiya hold a special place. Masui, a Santhal boy whom the artist met during his time in Santiniketan, became the inspiration for one of Radhakrishnan's early figure studies. The supple and expressive body of Masui left a lasting impression on the artist.

Years later, Radhakrishnan decided to create a counterpart for Masui, giving birth to Maiya. Since then, these two figures have become a recurring presence in his sculptures, representing the emotional and physical journeys of migrants and the burden of memories they carry.

As you explore Radhakrishnan's retrospective exhibition, pay attention to the nuanced expressions and intricate details of Masui and Maiya. They serve as a powerful reminder of the human experiences and stories that inspire the artist's creations.

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