Discovering the Transformative Power of Installation Art

Welcome to a journey into the captivating realm of installation art. In this article, I, Jennifer Scott, a passionate content writer with a deep appreciation for immersive art experiences, invite you to explore the transformative power of installation art. Join me as we delve into the thought-provoking works of talented artists featured in the 'Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living' exhibition at the Hammer Museum. Get ready to be inspired and captivated by the intersection of art and everyday life.

Exploring the Diverse Landscapes of Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the vibrant artworks of Erica Mahinay and their exploration of the diverse landscapes and communities of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a city of rich diversity, with landscapes that range from the bustling city streets to the serene beauty of its natural surroundings. Artist Erica Mahinay captures the essence of this diversity in her gestural paintings, which are filled with expressive marks that reflect the vibrant energy of the city. Through her use of bold colors and dynamic gestures, Mahinay invites viewers to experience the landscapes of Los Angeles through her unique artistic lens.

In her sculptures, such as 'Self-Reflection Station (Standing Masculine MWe),' Mahinay transforms everyday objects into thought-provoking works of art. By utilizing materials like steel, wood, and sand, she creates sculptures that challenge our perceptions and invite us to reflect on our own identities and experiences.

Preserving Cultural Memory through Art

Delve into the artistic endeavors of Guadalupe Rosales and her dedication to preserving the cultural memory of the Chicano and Latinx communities of Southern California.

Guadalupe Rosales is an artist who is deeply committed to preserving the cultural memory of the Chicano and Latinx communities of Southern California. Through her art and creative projects, she safeguards archives of the history and culture of these communities, ensuring that their stories are not forgotten.

Rosales's works often combine existing materials and symbols to create new interpretations. In her piece 'Dreaming Casually,' she blends a wide range of materials, including powder-coated steel, glitter washi tape, mirrors, and LED lights, to explore the intersections of lowrider culture, club culture, and the intimacies of queer and familial lived experiences.

Weaving Tradition and Innovation

Discover the intricate weavings of Melissa Cody and her exploration of indigenous knowledge and memory through the art of weaving.

Melissa Cody's bold and vibrant weavings are a testament to the resilience and transformation of indigenous cultures. Drawing on her Navajo heritage, Cody incorporates traditional weaving techniques and motifs into her work, while also infusing it with contemporary elements.

One of Cody's signature styles is the use of digital graphic motifs, reminiscent of pixelated early Nintendo video games. In her piece 'Dopamine Dream,' she combines traditional geometric overlays and haptic color schemes with pixelated symbols, creating a captivating fusion of the past and the present.

Capturing the Essence of Los Angeles

Step into the world of Michael Alvarez and his captivating artworks that document the essence of Los Angeles and the people who inhabit it.

Michael Alvarez's artworks provide a unique glimpse into the essence of Los Angeles. Through his paintings, he captures the way people use communal and civic spaces to record their existence through murals and graffiti.

Alvarez's works are characterized by their blurred, doubled images, visceral textures, and cloudy translucent elements, which evoke a sense of nostalgia and personal connection to the city. His paintings strive to make viewers feel as if they have been to the locations depicted and know the people who are pictured.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Embark on a journey with Nancy Evans as she explores the mystical qualities of the California landscape and the inspiration she finds in nature.

Nancy Evans's paintings and sculptures are a reflection of her lifelong fascination with the California landscape and the sublime in nature. Drawing inspiration from her nighttime observations and experiences, Evans creates works that capture the magic and inspiration she finds in the natural world.

Her landscape paintings often depict the agriculture and extensive landscapes of California's Central Valley, where she was raised. Through experimentation with abstraction, Evans infuses her works with mystical and hallucinatory qualities, inviting viewers to experience the wonder and awe of nature.

Exploring Identity and Memory

Join Roksana Pirouzmand on a journey of self-discovery as she explores themes of identity, memory, and family through her sculptural installations.

Roksana Pirouzmand's multidisciplinary artworks delve into the complexities of identity and memory. Drawing upon her personal experiences as an Iranian woman living in the United States, Pirouzmand creates sculptural objects and installations that reflect her own body and the narratives of transformation, deterioration, and movement.

In her performance installation 'Between two windows,' Pirouzmand sits between two windows—one representing her home in the United States and the other her grandmother's home in Iran. As a wind machine sends air through her hair and family photos flutter around her, the installation explores themes of exile, family bonds, generational trauma, and memorialization.

Honoring Indigenous Heritage through Textiles

Immerse yourself in the vibrant textile works of Teresa Baker as she explores the intersection of indigenous subjectivity and land sovereignty.

Teresa Baker's textile works are a celebration of indigenous heritage and a reflection of her Mandan/Hidatsa roots. Through her bold use of colors, graphic shapes, and lines, Baker explores the relationship between indigenous subjectivity and land sovereignty.

Her works, created with colorful yarn and artificial turf, bridge the gap between landscape and abstraction. By infusing her works with the richness of the Northern Plains, Baker invites viewers to contemplate the deep connection between indigenous cultures and the land they inhabit.


Installation art has the power to transform our perception of the world around us. Through the works of talented artists like Erica Mahinay, Guadalupe Rosales, Melissa Cody, Michael Alvarez, Nancy Evans, Roksana Pirouzmand, and Teresa Baker, we are invited to explore the diverse landscapes of Los Angeles, preserve cultural memory, weave tradition and innovation, capture the essence of the city, find inspiration in nature, explore identity and memory, and honor indigenous heritage through textiles.

These artists push the boundaries of art, inviting us to reflect on our own experiences, question our assumptions, and connect with the world in new and meaningful ways. 'Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living' at the Hammer Museum showcases the incredible talent and creativity of these artists, reminding us of the power of art to shape our understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

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