Preserving the Legacy: Lacuna Kava Bar to Take Over Lost Leaf's Oasis of Art and Music

Step into an oasis of culture and connection as Lacuna Kava Bar takes the baton from the beloved Lost Leaf. Embodying the same spirit of community and artistic nourishment, Lacuna aims to weave its rich tapestry of live music, wellness experiences, and botanical elixirs on the same vibrant streets of Phoenix.

Honoring the Lost Leaf's Legacy

Discover how Lacuna Kava Bar pays tribute to the beloved Lost Leaf and its deep sense of artistic and community spirit.

Embracing the legacy of the Lost Leaf, Lacuna Kava Bar beautifully embodies the vibrant community and artistic culture that made its predecessor so beloved. The Lost Leaf Theatre, a space dedicated to musicians performing, stands as a testament to the homage Lacuna pays to the building’s former tenants.

With the desire to continue hosting special events like open mic nights, musicians, and embracing the thriving artistic scene, Lacuna aims to recreate the welcoming and creative atmosphere found only blocks away.

Expanding Artistic Horizons

Experience an array of cultural offerings as Lacuna Kava Bar seizes the opportunity to expand its artistic offerings into a larger space inspired by the soul of Lost Leaf.

Inspired by Lost Leaf, Lacuna aims to diversify its musical programming and venue capacities from the more intimate surroundings of its current location. By moving into the Lost Leaf space, Lacuna can now take on larger music events while keeping the unassuming charm intact to offer unforgettable performances and delightful social gatherings.

Wellness and Community Building

Discover the nexus of wellness and connectivity as Lacuna embraces community-building activities in addition to its live music engagements.

Offering more than just live music, Lacuna sets out to foster a sense of unity and well-being by hosting a variety of wellness classes. From soothing yoga retreats to invigorating qigong sessions, patrons can find solace and strength in Lacuna's diverse range of engagements aimed at nurturing and celebrating the community.

Diving Deeper into Wellness

Under the guidance of wellness expert instructors, Lacuna delves into the realm of healing and balance by utilizing various wellness modalities. Whether it's immersing in meditative practices or exploring alternative methods of self-care, visitors are met with a holistic experience at Lacuna Kava Bar.

A Hale and Hearty Community

An inclusive community is key to Lacuna's soul. A testament to this inclusivity and to bolster connections, upcoming events such as the holiday vendor fair allow individuals to craft their own heartfelt cards and explore local vendors' offerings together - all while stimulating bonding and embracing Phoenix's vibrant local spirit.

Libations that Soothe and Inspire

Indulge in Lacuna's diverse range of botanical elixirs and experience a modern, alcohol-free marvel enhanced by nature's delicious ingredients.

In stark contrast to Lost Leaf's established offerings, Lacuna distinguishes itself as the first alcohol-free botanical bar in Phoenix. Delightful concoctions that feature a diverse range of botanical ingredients await, from refreshing herbal spritzers to thoughtfully crafted elixirs fostering mental clarity and relaxation.

Lacuna's offerings aim to bring immersive experiences topped with different formulations such as basil and turmeric infused drinks known for their distinct flavor ensembles to drinks containing damiana and CBD celebrated for their wellness affects. Each sip becomes a transcendent experience inviting patrons to explore and embark on their journey of healthy indulgence.

Inviting the Community to a Grand Reunion

Celebrate Lacuna's opening approaching First Friday during November and be a part of the reconnection of art, music, and creativity in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

Lacuna surely holds a grand surprise awaiting the community as it welcomes all to a joyous and momentous occasion - their First Friday grand opening in November. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic backdrop of artistry coinciding with the electric energy of the art walk, this inaugural milestone promises to encapsulate the nostalgic flare and visionary character Phoenix's art district holds.

Anticipation fills the air as the streets teem with creativity and togetherness, reminiscent of countless lively nights when friendships bloomed and spirits soared. Be ready to embark upon an enchanting adventure as Lacuna speaks its language, creating new memories along the very streets where this unforgettable story once began.


As Lacuna Kava Bar prepares to breathe new life into the timeless oasis that was the Lost Leaf, it embarks on a journey to preserve the cultural legacy and embrace the spirit of community and artistic exploration that characterized its predecessor. With a blend of live music, wellness classes, and their unique lineup of botanical elixirs, Lacuna aims to continue the tradition of fostering creativity, connection, and celebration of diverse artistic expressions in the heart of downtown Phoenix.


What sets Lacuna Kava Bar apart from other venues?

Lacuna Kava Bar distinguishes itself as an alcohol-free botanical bar, offering a wide range of botanical elixirs crafted from nature's bountiful ingredients. Their focus on wellness and community-building experiences further sets them apart, making Lacuna a hub for artistic expression, meaningful connections, and personal well-being.

Will Lacuna continue the live music tradition of the Lost Leaf?

Absolutely! Lacuna Kava Bar recognizes the essence of the Lost Leaf's live music scene and intends to expand its musical offerings with larger concerts and events at their new location. By honorably paying homage to the tradition, live performances and memorable experiences will thrive under the banner of Lacuna Kava Bar.

How can I become a part of Lacuna's community?

To be enveloped within the soulful embrace of Lacuna's community, all you have to do is step through their doors with an open heart. Whether attending live music events, participating in wellness classes, or engaging in conversation with fellow visitors, you can create meaningful connections and contribute to the nurturing and flourishing spirit of Lacuna Kava Bar.

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