PUMP: Bringing Art to the Streets of Louisville and Southern Indiana

Down a forgotten alley outside the Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery in New Albany, vibrant prints of legendary folk singer David Crosby and captivating blue dresses cascade across the concrete walls. Welcome to PUMP, a unique extension of the Louisville Photo Biennial that brings art to the streets of Louisville and Southern Indiana. Discover the beauty of artistry melded with everyday life as esteemed photographers showcase their work through semi-permanent murals.

PUMP: Connecting Art with the Public

Discover how the PUMP project connects art with the public and breaks the barriers of conventional gallery spaces.

The Louisville Photo Biennial aims to make photography accessible to the public, and the PUMP project takes this mission to the streets of Louisville and Southern Indiana. By displaying large prints of photography on outdoor walls, PUMP brings art directly to the people, eliminating the need to enter traditional gallery spaces.

The simplicity and accessibility of these outdoor murals pique the curiosity of passersby, drawing them closer to the world of visual arts. PUMP resonates with those who may not typically visit galleries, offering a unique experience that blurs the lines between street art and fine art photography. The goal is to foster a greater appreciation for photography among a broad audience and create lasting connections between art and the public.

The Impact of Outdoor Murals

Explore the powerful impact of outdoor murals in the PUMP project and their ability to transform public spaces.

Outdoor murals play a significant role in changing the perception of a space and creating a more vibrant and engaging environment. As you walk through the streets of Louisville and Southern Indiana, you will encounter PUMP murals on diverse buildings, from galleries to libraries to hotel facades.

These captivating prints capture the attention of pedestrians and inspire them to pause and contemplate the artwork. The scale of the murals adds a sense of spectacle and immerses viewers in the beauty of the photographs. By integrating art into everyday surroundings, outdoor murals have the power to uplift communities and ignite conversations about creativity and self-expression.

Exploring Diverse Artistic Techniques

Delve into the world of diverse artistic techniques showcased in the PUMP project and their impact on the viewer.

One of the unique aspects of the PUMP project is its emphasis on showcasing diverse artistic techniques. From darkroom prints to mixed-media creations, the murals feature an array of visual styles, highlighting the versatility of photography. Each outdoor mural invites viewers to interpret the works through their own lens and spark their curiosity about different mediums.

By showcasing various techniques and approaches to photography, the PUMP project creates an immersive experience that broadens the understanding and appreciation of visual arts. It prompts viewers to explore beyond the outdoor murals and seek out the full exhibitions presented in galleries throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Revitalizing Urban Spaces

Discover how the PUMP project contributes to the revitalization of urban spaces in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Art has the power to invigorate and transform urban spaces, and the PUMP project leaves a lasting impact on the cities of Louisville and Southern Indiana. By presenting outdoor murals that showcase both local talent and world-renowned photographers, PUMP revitalizes neglected walls and alleyways, turning them into vibrant gallery-like spaces.

Not only do the murals attract residents and visitors, but they also promote local businesses as they become focal points for pedestrian traffic and community interaction. The PUMP project serves as an innovative catalyst for urban regeneration, adding allure and cultural richness to the very fabric of the city.


The PUMP project is a revolutionary extension of the Louisville Photo Biennial, bringing art to the streets of Louisville and Southern Indiana. Through the vibrant outdoor murals, PUMP not only bridges the gap between conventional gallery spaces and the public but also revitalizes urban environments.

By showcasing diverse artistic techniques and creating captivating visual experiences, PUMP sparks curiosity and invites viewers to explore the world of fine art photography. As you encounter these stunning outdoor murals, they act as gateways into the broader Biennial exhibitions, inspiring a deeper connection with the arts. With its accessibility and ability to transform public spaces, PUMP celebrates the power of photography and enriches the cultural fabric of the community.

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