Saying Goodbye to Liquid Art Brewing Co.: A Bittersweet Farewell

Join me as we bid farewell to Liquid Art Brewing Co., a cherished establishment that has been an integral part of Franklin County for over 15 years. In this article, we will delve into the heartfelt journey of founders Ryan Richards and Jesse Rotz, their profound impact on the community, and the invaluable memories shared by loyal patrons. This bittersweet farewell will pay homage to the artistry of their craft and the enduring legacy of Liquid Art.

The End of an Era: Liquid Art Brewery Closes its Doors

The bittersweet farewell to Liquid Art Brewing Co. in Franklin County marks the end of a remarkable era in the craft brewing industry.

A Journey Turned Into a Legacy:

Heartfelt reflections and gratitude pour as Liquid Art Brewing Co., formerly known as Roy-Pitz Brewing Co., announces its closure this month. Founded by Ryan Richards and Jesse Rotz over 15 years ago, this cherished brewpub captured the essence of a community-led brewing movement, leaving an indelible mark on Franklin County and beyond.

A Beacon of Creativity and Comradery:

From their humble beginnings in an old warehouse on North Third Street to a full-fledged brewing experience, Liquid Art Brewing Co. transformed into not just a brewery and taproom, but an embodiment of liquid art.

Tribute to Liquid Art Tac Room: A Staple to Gettysburg

The Gettysburg community bid a fond farewell to the Liquid Art Tap Room, a beloved gathering place offering a unique experience.

Closing Doors and Cherished Moments:

The Liquid Arts Tap Room in Gettysburg became a cherished extension of the Liquid Art brand. Its vibrant ambiance, including its array of craft beers and deep community connection, made it a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike.

Grateful for a Vibrant Community: Liquid Art's Heartfelt Appreciation

The Liquid Art Brewing Co. expresses profound gratitude to its dedicated patrons and team members who supported them throughout their journey.

A Journey Fueled by Appreciation:

Liquid Art Brewing Co. owes its success to the unwavering support from employees, partners, friends, and customers. They reflect upon the profound influence Liquid Art had on people's lives and the cherished memories created through their dedication to their craft.

Legacy in the Craft Beer Community: The Rise and Growth of Liquid Art

Discover how Liquid Art Brewing Co. evolved and contributed to the thriving downtown district and craft beer appreciation.

Inspiration Behind Liquid Art:

Founded in 2008 by Ryan Richards and Jesse Rotz, Liquid Art Brewing Co. embarked on a journey to create a brand that symbolized the artistry of craft beer. Their growth and recognition nationwide were fueled by their passion for quality brews with a distinct identity.

A Vital Contributor to Downtown Revitalization:

Captivating the spirit of entrepreneurship, Liquid Art Brewing Co. became a driving force in transforming the extended downtown corridor. The impactful presence of this innovative brewery contributed to the development of a vibrant community hub filled with local businesses.


As the final chapter comes to a close, Liquid Art Brewery leaves behind a legacy of artistry, community, and connection. Their dedication to crafting exceptional brews and providing a gathering space for beer enthusiasts will be deeply missed. Cheers to Liquid Art, for the memories, the laughter, and the lasting impact they have had on Franklin County and beyond.


What made Liquid Art Brewing Co. unique?

Liquid Art Brewing Co. stood out due to its commitment to brewing exceptional craft beers and creating a vibrant community space. They embraced the concept of liquid artistry, offering a distinct experience to their loyal patrons.

What was the impact of Liquid Art on the downtown district?

Liquid Art played a pivotal role in transforming the downtown district, contributing to its revitalization. Their presence alongside other local businesses helped create a thriving hub that drew people in and reinvigorated the community.

How did Liquid Art Brewery show appreciation for its customers?

Liquid Art Brewery sincerely valued its customers and regularly expressed gratitude for their support. They took pride in being able to make their patrons' significant moments even more special by providing a unique craft beer experience.

Will there be any future endeavors from the founders?

While no specific future endeavors have been announced at this time, the founders of Liquid Art Brewing Co. have proven their passion and entrepreneurial spirit. It will be exciting to see where their journey takes them next.

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