Chalk the Block: A Colorful Celebration of Art in Parkersburg

Prepare to be mesmerized by the artistic prowess on display at Parkersburg's annual sidewalk art competition, Chalk the Block. This vibrant event, sponsored by Artsbridge and hosted by the Parkersburg Art Center, is a celebration of creativity that brings people of all ages together. Participating artists, armed with the vibrant hues of pastel chalk, transform segments of Market Street into a visual feast for the eyes. As they leave their mark on the sidewalks, these talented individuals showcase their talent and passion for artistic expression. Now in its xxth year, Chalk the Block has witnessed a remarkable growth, drawing both participants and spectators who are seduced by the vibrant sights and the thought-provoking experience. This article takes you on a journey through this artistic extravaganza, providing a glimpse into a world where the streets become a canvas for imagination.

Expressions of Creativity Take Over Market Street

Experience the artistic transformation of Parkersburg's Market Street during Chalk the Block!

As the clock strikes its first stroke, Market Street awakens to a sight unlike any other. Talented artists of all ages congregate to transform the drab gray sidewalk into an explosion of mesmerizing color and imagination. Masterpieces adorn the concrete canvas, capturing the attention of all passersby.

Every year, Parkersburg's Chalk the Block ignites a vibrant blaze of creativity along its streets. Previously plain sidewalks pave the way for breathtaking scenes and thought-provoking artworks. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning vitality artists breathe into the pavement.

Growing Year by Year: The Rapid Expansion of Chalk the Block

Discover the exponential growth and enthusiasm surrounding Chalk the Block.

What once started as a modest gathering of a handful of artists has blossomed into a widespread celebration of artistic expression. Year after year, Chalk the Block draws in larger crowds, eager to catch a glimpse of the captivating creations brought to life by talented individuals.

From humbly attracting several participants during its inaugural year, this groundbreaking event has evolved significantly. With the exponential increase in artist entries, Parkersburg Art Center plays a vital role in curating a diverse stream of artistic vision.

Chalking Up the Benefits: A Celebration of Community and Art

Explore the enchanting harmony between the Parkersburg community and the joy of artistic creation at Chalk the Block.

Chalk the Block in Parkersburg serves as more than just an art competition. It is a coming together of artists, art enthusiasts, and the local community to weave threads of creativity and connection. Young and seasoned artists connect, inspire one another, and ignite inspiration wherever their chalks touch the pavement.

Through this unique creative gathering, unity forms as artists and spectators interact, marvel at one another's talents, and find common ground in the shared love of art. Parkersburg Art Center acts as a nurturing cocoon that embraces artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and bond with people who appreciate their vibrant artistry.

Beyond Chalk: Discover the Growing Art Scene in Parkersburg

Immerse yourself in the blossoming art scene of Parkersburg while exploring the wonders of Chalk the Block.

While Chalk the Block is one of the many highlights of the artistic calendar in Parkersburg, it provides a glimpse into the larger arts scene thriving within the city. From traditional galleries to eye-catching murals, Parkersburg has become a haven for artists seeking to make their mark.

The art community in Parkersburg continues to grow and evolve, giving rise to more opportunities for artists to express themselves in unique and compelling ways. Chalk the Block serves as a vibrant showcase of the artistry that extends far beyond the sidewalks, inviting residents and visitors alike to delve into the beauty and imagination that thrive in this burgeoning arts scene.


Chalk the Block in Parkersburg is not just a sidewalk art competition, but a vibrant celebration of creativity that brings the community together. As artists young and old unleash their artistic visions onto the sidewalks of Market Street, a fusion of imagination and connection permeates the atmosphere. With each passing year, the event grows, drawing in a larger audience captivated by the ephemeral beauty of these sidewalk masterpieces. Chalk the Block offers a glimpse into the thriving art scene in Parkersburg, uniting artists and spectators in their shared appreciation for vibrant expression. Join the festivities and let yourself be inspired by the vibrant display of creativity.

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