Discovering Blane De St. Croix: Art that Explores the Fragility of our Planet

Welcome to the awe-inspiring world of Blane De St. Croix, where art and environmental conscience merge seamlessly. In his exhibition 'Blane De St. Croix: Horizon', the artist unveils a captivating exploration of the UAE landscape and its ecological intricacies. Immerse yourself in an array of visually stunning artworks that eloquently highlight the fragility of our planet, inviting profound reflections on the urgent need for environmental sustainability. Embark on a journey that seamlessly merges artistic expression and dialogue surrounding climate change solutions.

Exploring the UAE Landscape through Art

Take a deep dive into the artistic journey unravelled by the visionary artist Blane De St. Croix as he navigates the complexities and beauty of the UAE landscape.

Blane De St. Croix’s art serves as a mesmerizing portal through which the viewer can navigate the intricacies of the UAE landscape. Each artwork expertly captures the vibrant sights and ethereal essence of the diverse natural wonders found within this region.

One cannot help but be moved by De St. Croix’s unique ability to translate his profound connection to the UAE environment into powerful visual narratives. The exhibition unveils the profound interplay between artistic expression and environmental awareness.

Witness how De St. Croix's intricate sculptures, installations, and soundscapes transport you into a realm where art and nature coexist amidst ethereal whispers of transformation and stewardship for planet Earth.

Examining Fragility: Salt Lake Excerpt, UAE

Delve into the poetic dialogue Blane De St. Croix creates with the intensely delicate salt lake “sabkhas” of the UAE, exploring the concept of fragility and ecological interconnectedness.

Salt Lake Excerpt, UAE, a collaboration between Blane De St. Croix and theater artist Joanna Settle, invites visitors to confront the vulnerability of nature through a multidimensional art experience. Within this installation lies a landscape transformed, painstakingly composed from over 50,000 discarded plastic water bottles, symbolizing our interconnectedness with fragile ecosystems.

An arrhythmic symphony and a cascade of light further evoke emotional entanglement within the transformative beauty of nature's singular and fragile features. Granting insight into the environmental upheaval at hand, each visitor becomes a spectator who is not just an observer, but also a conscious participant in the mitigation of our collective ecological footprint.

The rich experience

Audiences engage with chimeric melodies, salty fragrances, and gentle resonance emanating from the installation. This tactility destabilizes conventional perspectives and engenders transformative conversations about the ethical dimensions connected to our natural landscapes.

Dunes in Eternal Flux: The 'Infinite Landscapes' Series

Immerse yourself in the sand-textured serenity of the UAE deserts portrayed through Blane De St. Croix’s captivating 'Infinite Landscapes' series, capturing the ephemeral dance of dunes.X

The 'Infinite Landscapes' series beckons viewers into a realm of endless desert vistas—an ethereal glimpse of the ebb and flow of these unique, ever-shifting dunes. Constructed through examination and collaboration with the NYUAD Research Visualization and Fabrication lab, De St. Croix transforms a spur of sand into a universe of impermanence.

As you stroll among the immersive sculptures comprised of intricate hand-sculpted dune textures, embrace the connection between time and arid landscapes and contemplate our existential longing for vastness and permanence while acknowledging its sheer impossibility. Step foot into the heart of the desert and allow this series to ignite a renewed sense of reverence for the dynamic nature of our planet.

Unmasking hidden profundity

By juxtaposing delicately moulded constructs against the raw energy of the desert, De St. Croix creates a stirring dialogue surrounding perception and the intricate interdependency intrinsic to the complex landscapes drawn from reality's silhouette.

From Himalayas to UAE: The Unraveling of 'High Peaks: Himachal (Snow Mountain)'

Embark on a transformative journey through the brilliance of Blane De St. Croix’s 'High Peaks: Himachal (Snow Mountain)', a gravitational installation that examines climate change's impact on mountainous ecosystems.

'High Peaks: Himachal (Snow Mountain)' radiates awe and gravity in equal measure, urging viewers to confront the ever-present turmoil wrought by climate change on mountainous landscapes worldwide. As you enter the visceral space engulfed by gravity-laden sculptures, the magnitude of the impending ecological repercussions becomes palpable.

Apprehend the uncanny amalgamation as iconic mountain ascents stand resolute, seemingly on the brink of dissolution. Explore the duality between sublime landscapes—a fleeting contemplation of extraordinary flora and plummeting polar climates—a demand for reflecting on our collective responsibility paramount to spreading environmental awareness and preserving the beauty of Earth's captivating summit-homelands.

Challenging perceptions

'High Peaks: Himachal (Snow Mountain)' harnesses the geology of the artist's unprecedented dialogue with faculty engaging multidisciplinary research on the Himalayas. Explore the intersection between catastrophe-like sculptures magnifying climate triggers surrounding mountainous regions with the shared human experiences intricately rooted within this canvasexe longstanding upheaval.


Blane De St. Croix: Horizon invites us on a thought-provoking journey, igniting a profound sense of awe for the intricacies of our natural landscapes and their delicate balance. Through his exquisite artistry, De St. Croix seamlessly merges the mediums of visual art and environmental consciousness, awakening a sense of urgency and action regarding the future of our planet.

As we immerse ourselves in this exhibition, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of nature, calling us to reflect on our individual roles as stewards of the environment. Each artwork presents an opportunity for dialogue and introspection, inspiring a deeper understanding of our planet's fragility and the imperative for sustainable practices.

Blane De St. Croix's creations awaken our senses, vibrating with the intensity of emotion and hope for a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. May this exhibition serve as a clarion call to embrace conscious living, spearheading the change necessary to preserve the awe-inspiring landscapes that exist, not only in the UAE but across the globe.

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