Revitalizing Hongik University Seoul Campus: A Fusion of Architecture and Nature

Welcome to the future of Hongik University Seoul Campus, where architecture, nature, and creativity converge. In this article, we delve into OMA's winning design that breathes new life into the campus, fostering a stronger connection with the bustling Hongdae district. Get ready to explore the interwoven buildings, cascading courtyards, and vibrant public spaces that redefine the university experience.

Reconnecting Hongik University with the Vibrant Hongdae Neighborhood

Discover how OMA's design aims to strengthen the connection between Hongik University and the Hongdae district.

Revitalizing Hongik University Seoul Campus: A Fusion of Architecture and Nature - 1403946265

Once a thriving hub of creativity and innovation, Hongik University had gradually become isolated from the vibrant energy of the neighboring Hongdae district. OMA's winning design for the new campus seeks to reestablish the connection, creating a seamless blend of architecture and nature that invites exploration and interaction.

By strategically positioning the buildings and incorporating cascading outdoor courtyards, OMA's design encourages informal gatherings and spontaneous interactions among students and staff. The roofs of the buildings serve as sheltered paths, connecting the university's main access points with the bustling streets of Hongdae.

With this innovative approach, OMA aims to revitalize the university campus, infusing it with the energy, spontaneity, and creativity that define the Hongdae neighborhood.

A Harmonious Integration of Architecture and Nature

Explore how OMA's design seamlessly integrates the new buildings with the existing topography and maximizes the use of green spaces.

OMA's design for the new Hongik University Seoul Campus goes beyond traditional architecture. It is a fusion of building, masterplan, and landscape design that harmoniously blends with the surrounding natural environment.

The new addition to the campus is situated below ground level, acting as a natural extension of the Wau mountain. This unique positioning not only maximizes the built-up area but also creates a seamless transition between the campus and its natural surroundings.

The buildings are strategically positioned across the site, with their roofs serving as paths sheltered by trees. This design element not only provides a pleasant walking experience but also helps to connect different parts of the campus, creating a continuous sequence of outdoor spaces.

Additionally, the incorporation of sloping outdoor courtyards brings light deep into the campus, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Innovative Clusters for Enhanced Learning and Collaboration

Learn about the interconnected clusters within the new campus that promote high-tech learning, artistic expression, and collaboration.

The new Hongik University Seoul Campus is organized into interconnected clusters, each catering to specific functions and fostering a collaborative environment.

High-Tech Laboratories:

This cluster is dedicated to cutting-edge research and innovation. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest technology provide students and researchers with the tools they need to push boundaries and explore new frontiers.


This cluster focuses on providing essential amenities for students, including libraries, cafeterias, and recreational spaces. These amenities serve as gathering points, encouraging social interaction and creating a sense of community.

Maker Spaces:

Designed to nurture creativity and hands-on learning, the maker spaces offer students the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Equipped with workshops and collaborative areas, these spaces inspire innovation and experimentation.

By creating these specialized clusters, OMA's design encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and provides students with a diverse range of learning environments.

A Cultural Hub: The Art Center and Multipurpose Learning Hub

Discover the central buildings that house the art center and the multipurpose learning hub, serving as cultural and educational focal points.

The heart of the new Hongik University Seoul Campus is the central buildings that house the art center and the multipurpose learning hub.

Art Center:

This dedicated space celebrates artistic expression and creativity. It provides state-of-the-art facilities for students studying art and design, fostering an environment where imagination can flourish.

Multipurpose Learning Hub:

Surrounding the central buildings, the multipurpose learning hub offers versatile spaces for various educational activities. From classrooms to seminar rooms, this hub accommodates a range of learning experiences, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.

These cultural and educational focal points serve as magnets, attracting students, faculty, and visitors alike, and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the campus.

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