The Praxis Photography Collective: Pushing the Boundaries of Artistic Vision

Welcome to the world of the Praxis Photography Collective, where artistry meets innovation. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable success of this White Rock-based collective and explore their unique approaches to photography. From intriguing corners of alleys to abstracted encaustic art, the members of the collective are pushing the boundaries of artistic vision. Join us on this journey as we uncover their captivating work and the impact they are making in the world of photography.

The Praxis Photography Collective: A Fusion of Practice and Theory

Discover the meaning behind the name and the collective's commitment to artistic vision.

The Praxis Photography Collective: Pushing the Boundaries of Artistic Vision - 1537775837

What does the name Praxis Photography Collective signify? The term 'praxis' refers to the delicate balance between practice and theory. It encapsulates the collective's shared belief in pragmatic action to achieve their artistic vision. Each member brings their unique perspective and creative energy to the table, fostering an environment of learning and innovation.

How does this fusion of practice and theory manifest in their work? The collective's first show, 'The Launch,' received positive feedback from the public, indicating a strong support for photography that goes beyond mere representation. Their artistic aesthetic captivates viewers and invites them to explore the intersection of the natural world and urban development, among other thought-provoking themes.

A Permanent Exhibition Space: The Office Gallery at Macdonald Realty

Learn about the collective's extended run at the waterfront office and the opportunity it presents for showcasing their work.

How did the collective secure a permanent exhibition space? Hamish Ross, a member of the collective and the son of Linda Bickerton-Ross, offered his office gallery at Macdonald Realty as a venue for their first show, 'The Launch.' The exhibition has been so well-received that it has been extended, providing a continuous platform for the collective's artistic expression.

What does this opportunity mean for the collective? The office gallery at Macdonald Realty not only offers a stunning waterfront location but also serves as a testament to the collective's growing success. It provides a dedicated space for them to share their work with the public and further establish their presence in the art community.

Exploring Boundaries: The Landmark Pop-Uptown Gallery Exhibition

Discover the collective's upcoming exhibition at the Landmark Pop-Uptown Gallery and their anticipation for this exciting opportunity.

What awaits the collective at the Landmark Pop-Uptown Gallery? In January 2024, the Praxis Photography Collective has been invited to participate in an exhibition at this prestigious gallery. This invitation is a testament to their growing recognition and the impact of their unique artistic approaches.

What can we expect from their show at the Landmark Pop-Uptown Gallery? In August, the collective will have their own show titled 'Inside Out' at the same gallery. This opportunity allows them to delve deeper into their artistic exploration, pushing the boundaries of photography and captivating audiences with their innovative work.

Distinct Artistic Personalities: Showcasing the Collective's Members

Get to know the five members of the Praxis Photography Collective and their unique artistic perspectives.

Who are the members of the collective? Barbara Cooper, Gary Kennedy, Jan Lyle, George Omorean, and Linda Bickerton-Ross make up the Praxis Photography Collective. Each member brings their distinct artistic personality and style to the group, resulting in a diverse range of photography that captivates viewers.

Barbara Cooper: Exploring the Beauty of Urban Decay

Barbara's work focuses on capturing the intriguing corners of alleys and streets. She skillfully juxtaposes images with colorful wall textures created by graffiti and weathered posters, revealing the hidden beauty in urban decay.

Gary Kennedy: Nature and Travel Through an Abstract Lens

Gary combines his love for travel and nature with encaustic art, creating abstracted and textural imagery. His photographs transport viewers to unique landscapes, inviting them to see the world through an abstract lens.

Jan Lyle: Unveiling the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Jan explores the possibilities of cellphone photography, finding new and unusual images in her everyday surroundings. Through her lens, she uncovers the extraordinary moments hidden within the ordinary, inviting viewers to see the world with fresh eyes.

George Omorean: Experimenting with Alternative Processes

George pushes the boundaries of traditional photography by experimenting with alternative film processes. From digital to camera-less photography, he explores different techniques to create abstract and thought-provoking work.

Linda Bickerton-Ross: The Intersection of Nature and Urban Development

Linda's photography often examines the intersection of the natural world and urban development. Her captivating images capture the delicate balance between these two contrasting elements, sparking conversations about our relationship with the environment.

Pushing Boundaries: A Commitment to Innovative Photography

Explore the collective's success and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of photography.

What does the collective's success signify? The Praxis Photography Collective has achieved significant success in less than a year. Their growing recognition and the positive response to their first show indicate a strong support for photography that goes beyond mere representation.

How do they push the boundaries of photography? The collective's commitment to innovative photography is evident in their diverse artistic approaches. From capturing urban decay to experimenting with alternative processes, they continuously challenge the norms and create work that is both meaningful and thought-provoking.

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