Minnesota's State Flag and Seal Redesign: A Contest of Artistic Vision

Minnesota's most intensely debated art contest in memory has narrowed down to six designs for the next state flag and seal. Join us as we delve into the artistic visions of the finalists and the passionate artists who created them.

The Finalists: Designs for Minnesota's State Flag and Seal

Explore the six designs that have made it to the final round of Minnesota's state flag and seal redesign contest.

Minnesota's State Flag and Seal Redesign: A Contest of Artistic Vision - 770191014

After sifting through over 2,500 submissions, the State Emblems and Redesign Commission has selected six designs to compete for the honor of becoming Minnesota's new state flag and seal. Let's take a closer look at these creative concepts and the talented artists behind them.

1. Brandon Hundt's Submissions: Twin Cities-based product designer and writer, Brandon Hundt, has made it to the final round with two of his designs. One for the flag and another for the seal. Discover the unique elements and symbolism he has incorporated into his concepts.

2. Sarah Agaton Howes' Design: Ojibwe artist and small business owner, Sarah Agaton Howes, brings her artistic vision to the competition with a flag design that represents the diverse nature of Minnesota. Uncover the inspiration behind her concept and the significance of each element.

3. Todd Pitman's 'Mirror of the Sky': St. Paul-based graphic designer, Todd Pitman, presents his flag design titled 'Mirror of the Sky.' Learn about the family collaboration behind this concept and the inspiration drawn from the aurora and a loon.

These finalists have faced both praise and criticism online, but the commission has the opportunity to refine the designs before the final vote. Stay tuned to see which design will ultimately represent the state of Minnesota.

Replacing the Emblems: Significance and Symbolism

Understand the importance of replacing Minnesota's current flag and seal emblems and the symbolic representation they hold.

Minnesota's current flag and seal depict a white farmer tilling the land while an indigenous man rides off on a horse. However, these emblems have faced criticism for their representation and historical context. Explore the significance of replacing these emblems and the desire for a new symbol that truly represents the diversity and values of Minnesota.

1. Harmful Depictions: Learn why the current flag and seal are considered harmful and how they perpetuate the narrative of Native nations disappearing.

2. Native Representation: Discover how the artists in the competition aim to create emblems that honor and represent the native communities of Minnesota.

3. A Fresh Start: Understand the importance of a new flag and seal that accurately reflects the identity and values of Minnesotans as a whole.

Artistic Vision and Creative Concepts

Delve into the artistic vision behind the flag and seal designs and the creative concepts that make each submission unique.

1. Brandon Hundt's Flag Entry: Explore the thought process behind Brandon Hundt's deep blue flag design with overlaid stars, reminiscent of a snowflake. Learn how he has refined his design over the years to create a unique and distinctive representation of Minnesota.

2. Sarah Agaton Howes' Flag Design: Dive into the details of Sarah Agaton Howes' flag design, featuring a prominent yellow star and green nods to nature. Discover the symbolism behind the tribal nations and county representation on the sides of the flag.

3. Todd Pitman's Inspiration: Uncover the inspiration behind Todd Pitman's 'Mirror of the Sky' flag design, which draws from the aurora and unintentionally resembles a loon. Learn how his design captures the unique spirit of Minnesota.

Each artist has followed the parameters set by the citizen panel, ensuring that their designs align with the vision of creating a new flag and seal that truly represents the state of Minnesota.

The Road Ahead: Refinement and Final Selection

Discover the next steps in the state flag and seal redesign process and the anticipation surrounding the final selection.

1. The Revision Process: Learn about the importance of the revision period and how the State Emblems Redesign Commission will work with the finalists to refine their designs. Understand the significance of testing the functionality and visual impact of the emblems before their official adoption.

2. Public Criticism and Feedback: Explore the online response to the six finalists and the commission's consideration of public opinion. Discover how the commission will take into account feedback and make any necessary adjustments to the designs.

3. The Final Decision: Get ready for the final selection, which will be made by the end of the year. Find out what happens if the designs are approved and how the artists will be recognized for their contributions.

Minnesota is on the verge of embracing a new state flag and seal that truly represents its people and values. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this historic redesign process.

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