Unveiling the Captivating World of Installation Art

In its second year, Paris+ par Art Basel promises to be a captivating event that showcases the best of the art world. Join me, Jennifer Scott, as I explore the standout gallery shows happening during Paris+ and delve into the transformative power of installation art. Get ready to be immersed in a world of creativity and emotion.

Conceived for the Stage

Explore the immersive exhibition by Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić

Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić, the artist duo behind 'Conceived for the Stage,' invite attendees to become integral participants in their immersive exhibition. Inspired by formal conventions of theater, their installation challenges traditional spectatorship and blurs the boundaries between art and audience.

TARWUK's large-scale paintings, such as 'MRTISKLAAH_thguohT_gnilevelnU' (2023), depict intimate scenes that evoke a sense of nostalgia and reflection. The gallery is illuminated by hand-blown glass orbs, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Sculptures of domestic scenes adorned by Yugoslav worker uniforms, Art Nouveau furniture, and Edwardian costumes further enhance the immersive experience.

Step into the world of 'Conceived for the Stage' and discover how art can transcend traditional boundaries and engage viewers on a deeply personal level.

You Thought You Could Throw Me Away

Challenge stereotypes with Thandiwe Muriu's striking photographic self-portraits

Thandiwe Muriu's powerful self-portraits challenge prevailing stereotypes about Central and Western Africa. Through vibrant designs and Ankara textiles, Muriu uproots distorted ideas of the region and its culture. In her 'Camo' series, she addresses the universal theme of womanhood, reclaiming her place within stereotyped narratives.

With her kaleidoscopic illusions, Muriu invites viewers to rethink their predispositions and embrace a more nuanced understanding of Central and Western Africa. Experience the transformative power of her photography and join the conversation on cultural representation.

Sounds to Cosmic Gardens

Embark on a spiritual journey with Alexandre Furcolin's paintings

Alexandre Furcolin's exhibition, 'Sounds to Cosmic Gardens,' takes viewers on a spiritual journey inspired by his photography experiments, research into medicinal plants, and musical studies. His paintings, such as 'ESPINHEIRASANTA' (2023), explore the interplay between light, color, and nature.

Some works feature bold images and brushstrokes that intrude on the focal point, while others depict calm and muted landscapes. Alongside the paintings, Furcolin's collages from the 'I-Ching' series add a multidimensional aspect to the exhibition.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of 'Sounds to Cosmic Gardens' and discover the artist's unique exploration of spirituality and nature.

Un horizon végétal

Experience the beauty of Santídio Pereira's woodcuts and watercolors

Santídio Pereira's exhibition, 'Un horizon végétal,' showcases his recent works inspired by the unique semi-arid forest biome of Caatinga in Brazil. His monumental woodcuts of tropical plants and landscape watercolors on paper capture the beauty and diversity of the region.

Revitalizing the tradition of Brazilian woodcuts, Pereira's intricate works feature regional plants like bromeliads. These woodcuts, along with his watercolors, transport viewers to the lush landscapes of Brazil and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Step into the world of 'Un horizon végétal' and immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of Brazilian flora.


Discover the groundbreaking furniture designs of Joaquim Tenreiro

Joaquim Tenreiro, a pioneer in integrating Brazil's diverse hardwoods into furniture design, revolutionized the functionality and aesthetics of his creations. His bespoke pieces, including the iconic 'Chaise Longue' (1947), showcase his mastery of geometric forms and Brazilian heritage.

At the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Tenreiro's sculptures, paintings, and architectural designs come together to highlight his multifaceted artistic contributions. This monumental exhibition situates his work within a broader artistic history, bridging the gap between furniture design and contemporary art.

Experience the timeless allure of Joaquim Tenreiro's 'Masterworks' and witness the fusion of art and functionality.

Bauhaus Gal - Theatre

Explore Chen Ke's abstract depictions of young Bauhaus students

Chen Ke's 'Bauhaus Gal - Theatre' exhibition presents a unique perspective on the young Bauhaus students through abstract and chromatic depictions. Her 'appropriationist' paintings challenge traditional notions of realism and delve into the depths and complexities of perception.

Using aesthetic cues from the Bauhaus's radical modernism, Chen captures the aura of her subjects and invites viewers to question their own perceptions. Her vibrant and futuristic colors create an unsettling yet captivating experience.

Step into the world of 'Bauhaus Gal - Theatre' and embark on a journey of visual exploration and introspection.

Very Much Alive

Delve into Molly Greene's vibrant and surreal world of nature

Molly Greene's exhibition, 'Very Much Alive,' invites viewers to ponder the enigmatic connection between life, technology, and nature. Through her bright and surreal style, she explores the authenticity of nature and challenges conventional depictions.

In her large-scale works, Greene traces the sensorial limbs of trees and experiments with modes of communication. Her unique approach to capturing nature's essence sparks curiosity and encourages viewers to contemplate their own relationship with the natural world.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and thought-provoking world of 'Very Much Alive' and discover the captivating intersection of life, technology, and nature.

Double Exil

Experience Chen Zhen's powerful installations on immigration and identity

Chen Zhen's retrospective solo exhibition, 'Double Exil,' explores the artist's personal journey of immigration and nomadism. Through powerful installations, Chen evokes feelings of isolation and cultural alienation, urging viewers to confront their own identities.

The exhibition culminates in 'Purification Room' (2000), an immersive installation where viewers are invited to meditate among a familiar yet muted backdrop. Chen's thought-provoking installations continue to spark rich dialogues on nature, spirituality, and contemporary society.

Step into the world of 'Double Exil' and discover the profound impact of Chen Zhen's installations on immigration and identity.


Discover Tadashi Kawamata's captivating installations crafted from everyday objects

Tadashi Kawamata's installations transform everyday objects into captivating labyrinths. Using materials like chairs, desks, and steel drums, he creates site-specific masterpieces that challenge our perception of habitat and identity.

At the Rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Rue du Pont de Lodi, and Avenue Matignon locations, Kawamata's 'Tree Huts' and 'Nests' adorn the gallery spaces, creating a unique fusion of art and nature. His installations invite viewers to explore and contemplate the untapped potential of our environment.

Step into the captivating world of 'Meubler' and experience the immersive installations of Tadashi Kawamata.


Paris+ par Art Basel offers a captivating journey into the world of installation art, showcasing the transformative power of immersive experiences. From Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić's 'Conceived for the Stage' to Tadashi Kawamata's captivating installations in 'Meubler,' each exhibition invites viewers to explore new perspectives and engage with art on a deeply personal level.

Through vibrant self-portraits, Thandiwe Muriu challenges stereotypes, while Alexandre Furcolin's paintings take us on a spiritual journey. Santídio Pereira's woodcuts and Molly Greene's surreal nature-inspired works captivate with their beauty and thought-provoking themes.

As we delve into the exhibitions of Joaquim Tenreiro, Chen Ke, and Chen Zhen, we witness the groundbreaking designs, abstract depictions, and powerful installations that redefine the boundaries of art. Each artist invites us to question our perceptions and embrace the transformative potential of art.

Join us at Paris+ par Art Basel and experience the magic of installation art firsthand. Immerse yourself in the captivating exhibitions and discover the profound impact of art on our lives.

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