Unveiling the Creative Process Behind Julian Scott Memorial Gallery Exhibits

Step into the world of the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, where curator Phillip Robertson works tirelessly to transform student artists' visions into reality. Delve into the creative process, from mapping out precise measurements to resolving conflicts, and explore the endless possibilities offered by the gallery's customizable space. Get ready to be inspired by the upcoming enhancements that will elevate the gallery's interactive experience.

The Intricate Art of Curating

Discover the meticulous process of curating exhibits at the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery.

Curating an art exhibition is a delicate balance between the artist's vision and the curator's expertise. Phillip Robertson, the curator of the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, brings his four decades of experience to the table as he helps students bring their creative ideas to life.

Each artist has a unique vision for their artwork, and Robertson works closely with them to ensure their pieces are displayed exactly as they envision. From mapping out precise measurements to determining the perfect placement, Robertson's attention to detail is unparalleled.

By collaborating with the artists, Robertson ensures that their creative expressions are showcased in the most impactful way possible. The result is a harmonious blend of artistic vision and curatorial expertise that captivates visitors.

Customizable Space for Endless Possibilities

Explore the versatility of the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery's customizable space.

The Julian Scott Memorial Gallery offers a blank canvas for artists to transform. The walls are designed to accommodate various art forms, allowing for artwork to be hung almost anywhere. The gallery's steel rails and built-in tracks provide the flexibility to suspend objects and create unique installations.

Additionally, the gallery's woodshop in the basement of Dibden allows for the construction of custom structures to enhance the exhibits. From wooden plinths to divide walls to larger TVs with touch screen capabilities, the possibilities for interactive displays are endless.

Phillip Robertson is constantly exploring new enhancements for the gallery, ensuring that it remains a vital part of the Fine Arts program at the University. With his vision and the gallery's customizable space, the potential for innovative and immersive exhibits is limitless.

Resolving Conflicts and Fostering Collaboration

Discover how conflicts are resolved and collaboration is fostered in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery.

Art is deeply personal, and conflicts can arise when artists have different visions for the exhibition space. As the curator, Phillip Robertson acts as a mediator, finding alternative solutions that satisfy everyone involved.

Robertson recalls an instance where one artist wanted loud rock music playing, while others preferred a quieter environment. Through open communication and compromise, they reached a solution that allowed visitors to choose their own music from a stack of CDs provided by the artist.

By fostering collaboration and finding common ground, Robertson ensures that the gallery is a space where diverse artistic expressions can coexist harmoniously.

Engaging Talks and Profits for Artists

Learn about the artist talks and profit-sharing at the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery.

At the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, the artists behind the exhibits have the opportunity to give talks, providing deeper insights into their creative process and motivations. These talks can be emotionally charged and offer a personal connection between the artist and the audience.

Unlike for-profit galleries, the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery charges no commissions on artwork sales. All profits go directly to the artists, supporting their artistic endeavors and encouraging their growth.

By prioritizing the artists and creating a supportive environment, the gallery fosters a sense of community and empowers emerging artists to thrive.


The Julian Scott Memorial Gallery is a space where artistic visions come to life. Under the guidance of curator Phillip Robertson, student artists are able to showcase their creativity and bring their ideas to reality. The gallery's customizable space, collaborative approach, and commitment to supporting artists make it a vital part of the Fine Arts program at the University.


How long do the exhibits stay up in the gallery?

The exhibits in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery typically stay up for 1-2 months. This allows for a rotation of new and diverse artwork throughout the year.

Do artists sell their exhibited work at the gallery?

Yes, artists have the opportunity to sell their artwork at the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery. Unlike for-profit galleries, the gallery charges no commissions, ensuring that all profits go directly to the artists.

Are there plans for future enhancements in the gallery?

Yes, curator Phillip Robertson has exciting plans for future enhancements in the gallery. This includes obtaining larger touch screen TVs for more interactive exhibits, providing an immersive experience for visitors.

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