Acquisition of Historic Goya Portrait: A Milestone for The Huntington

Welcome to The Huntington, where art, history, and culture converge. In a groundbreaking acquisition, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a remarkable portrait by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, marking the first Spanish oil painting to join our esteemed collection. Join us as we delve into the captivating story behind this masterpiece and explore the profound impact of Goya's artistic genius.

Unveiling a Spanish Masterpiece

Explore the acquisition of a historic portrait by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Acquisition of Historic Goya Portrait: A Milestone for The Huntington - -2112901600

Step into the world of Spanish art as The Huntington proudly unveils its latest acquisition - a historic portrait by the renowned artist Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes. This captivating masterpiece, titled 'Portrait of José Antonio Caballero, Second Marqués de Caballero, Secretary of Grace and Justice,' is a testament to Goya's unparalleled talent and his ability to capture the essence of his subjects.

Goya, celebrated as one of the last Old Masters and a pioneer of modern painting, was revered for his virtuosic brushwork and revolutionary subject matter. In this portrait, he expertly depicts José Antonio Caballero, a prominent figure in Spanish nobility and politics during the early 19th century.

A Landmark Addition to The Huntington

Discover the significance of the first Spanish oil painting in The Huntington's art collection

The acquisition of Goya's portrait marks a significant milestone for The Huntington, as it becomes the first Spanish oil painting to join our esteemed art collection. This addition not only enriches our diverse range of artworks but also provides a unique international perspective.

The Huntington has long been known for its extensive collection of 17th- and early 18th-century British portraits. With the inclusion of this Spanish masterpiece, we broaden our horizons and offer visitors a glimpse into the rich artistic heritage of Spain.

The Ahmanson Foundation's Generous Gift

Learn about the instrumental role played by The Ahmanson Foundation in making this acquisition possible

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Ahmanson Foundation for their generous support in acquiring this remarkable Goya portrait. The foundation has been instrumental in expanding The Huntington's collections and fostering interdisciplinary connections.

Through their philanthropic efforts, The Ahmanson Foundation has enabled us to bring exceptional artworks to our visitors and further our mission of promoting art, culture, and education.

Goya's Genius as a Portraitist

Delve into the artistic brilliance of Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Goya's artistic prowess shines through in his portrayal of José Antonio Caballero. Known for his ability to capture the innermost personalities of his subjects, Goya masterfully depicts Caballero's grandeur and political power.

With virtuosic brushwork and a revolutionary approach to subject matter, Goya's portraits transcend mere likeness and offer profound insights into the individuals he portrays. This portrait of Caballero serves as a testament to Goya's unparalleled talent and his lasting impact on the art world.

The Fascinating Story of José Antonio Caballero

Uncover the intriguing life and accomplishments of the sitter in Goya's portrait

José Antonio Caballero, the subject of Goya's portrait, was a member of the Spanish nobility and held significant positions in the royal court. He played a pivotal role in implementing a vaccination campaign against smallpox in the Spanish territories, showcasing his dedication to public health and welfare.

Through Goya's brushstrokes, we catch a glimpse of Caballero's stature and power. The meticulously painted ministerial uniform, the prestigious orders adorning his chest - the Order of the Grand Cross of Charles III and the Order of Santiago - all speak to his influential role in Spanish society.

A Treasured Addition to The Huntington's Art Gallery

Experience the display of Goya's portrait in the Huntington Art Gallery

Starting from November 29, 2023, visitors to The Huntington will have the privilege of viewing Goya's masterpiece in the Huntington Art Gallery. This former residence of Henry E. and Arabella Huntington provides an exquisite setting for the display of this significant artwork.

The portrait will be showcased in a paneled room that was once Henry Huntington's private office, adding an extra layer of historical significance to the viewing experience. Prepare to be captivated by the artistry and the stories that unfold within the walls of the Huntington Art Gallery.

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