Unveiling the Best Holiday Events in Minneapolis

Looking to embrace the holiday spirit in Minneapolis? Get ready for a whirlwind of festive events that will leave you feeling merry and bright. From captivating live performances to thought-provoking art exhibitions, there's an abundance of experiences waiting to be discovered. Join me, Emily Miller, as I guide you through the best holiday events in Minneapolis that are sure to ignite your holiday cheer.

Immerse Yourself in Norse Mythology

Experience the magic of Norse mythology brought to life through captivating performances.

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Step into the enchanting world of Norse mythology with the mesmerizing production of 'VANAHEIMR: Stories of the Lesser' at In the Heart of the Beast’s Avalon Theatre. This multidisciplinary performance combines live music, puppetry, poetry, and contemporary dance to transport you to the realm of gods and legends.

Under the direction of Nat Allister, this production features an original score by Kat Parent, inspired by Scandinavian folk music. The haunting melodies, sung in Norwegian, accompanied by violin, cello, percussion, and bells, will immerse you in the rich tapestry of Norse culture.

With choreography by Gabby Abram and shadow puppets created by Becca Mellstrom and Alex Young, 'VANAHEIMR: Stories of the Lesser' promises an unforgettable journey into the mythical world of Nordic folklore.

Uncover the Untold Stories of Lake Hiawatha

Discover the fascinating history of Lake Hiawatha and its connection to Indigenous communities.

Delve into the captivating documentary 'Bde Psíŋ: Stories from the Water' and uncover the hidden stories of Lake Hiawatha. This documentary explores the lake's transformation from a marsh to a municipal golf course and its significance to the Dakota people and Indigenous communities.

Join the silent auction/fundraiser at Northern Coffeeworks to support the completion of this important film. Artist Sean Connaughty has generously donated framed drawings, photographs, and art objects, while director Falcon Gott and film artist Bee Kakac will have photographs for sale. Be part of preserving the history and cultural heritage of Lake Hiawatha.

Indulge in a Holiday Extravaganza

Experience the joy and festive spirit with 'The New Standards Holiday Show'.

Get ready for a holiday extravaganza like no other with 'The New Standards Holiday Show' at the State Theatre. This Minnesota supergroup, featuring Chan Poling, John Munson, and Steve Roehm, will fill the stage with jazz standards, special guests, and heartwarming holiday cheer.

For 16 years, this show has been a beloved tradition, captivating audiences with its infectious energy and love-filled performances. Let the music of 'The New Standards' turn even the biggest Scrooge into a holiday enthusiast.

Honoring John Biggers' Legacy

Celebrate the unveiling of the John Biggers Seed Project and pay tribute to a renowned Black artist.

Join the celebration of the long-awaited John Biggers Seed Project, a testament to the legacy of the esteemed Black artist. The project replaces a chain-link fence on the Olson Bridge with an artistic railing designed by local artists.

Over 300 enamel panels, created by artists such as Ta-Coumba T. Aiken and Seitu Jones, adorn the railings, showcasing the vibrant artistic talent of the community. This event, taking place at the bridge and the Capri Theater, is a momentous occasion to honor the artistic contributions of John Biggers and the local artists involved.

Explore the Power of Kinship Through Art

Discover the thought-provoking exhibition 'A Melody of Kinship' by Markele Cullins.

Embark on a journey of human connection and love with 'A Melody of Kinship' at Mirror Lab gallery. Los Angeles-based artist Markele Cullins presents a collection of photographs capturing the essence of kinship, with a focus on queer platonic friendship.

Curated by Mike Curran, this exhibition showcases Cullins' intimate portraits of best friends, accompanied by their heartfelt letters to each other. The gallery also features texts on loan from Midway Contemporary Art, providing a deeper exploration of the themes of love, intimacy, and community.

Dance the Night Away with Balkan Beats

Join the lively Balkan party band Orkestar Bez Ime for a night of energetic music and infectious rhythms.

Experience the vibrant sounds of the Balkans with Orkestar Bez Ime at the Cedar Cultural Center. Celebrating their 21st anniversary, this high-energy band will have you dancing to tunes from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, and the Roma traditions of Eastern Europe.

Don't miss the opportunity to groove to their latest album, '21', and be captivated by the Ukrainian Village Band's opening performance, featuring the talented fiddler Colleen Bertsch.

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