Buckhead Art & Company: A Southern Gallery Fostering Community and Celebrating Triumph

Step into Buckhead Art & Company, a brick-and-mortar gallery in Atlanta's upscale neighborhood, and prepare to be captivated. Owner Karimah McFarlane has curated a powerful exhibition, 'Stories of Triumph,' featuring 30 portraits by photographer Sean Black. These striking images celebrate the strength and resilience of individuals living with HIV, shedding light on their stories and challenging the stigma surrounding the virus. Join us on a journey through this transformative gallery, where art, community, and triumph converge.

The Power of Art in Fostering Community

Discover how Buckhead Art & Company creates spaces of community and joy through art.

Buckhead Art & Company: A Southern Gallery Fostering Community and Celebrating Triumph - -1127363880

Art has the incredible ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and joy. Buckhead Art & Company, located in Atlanta's upscale neighborhood, is a prime example of this transformative power. Through their carefully curated exhibitions, such as the current 'Stories of Triumph' by photographer Sean Black, the gallery aims to create spaces where marginalized communities can find representation and connection.

By showcasing the strength and resilience of individuals living with HIV, 'Stories of Triumph' challenges the stigma associated with the virus. This exhibition holds personal significance for owner Karimah McFarlane, who has witnessed the impact of the virus on her own family. Through art, Buckhead Art & Company is dedicated to shedding light on these stories and creating a sense of unity among its visitors.

Capturing Resilience Through Photography

Explore the powerful portraits by photographer Sean Black and their impact on challenging HIV stigma.

Photographer Sean Black's work in 'Stories of Triumph' is truly remarkable. With attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing moments of healing, Black's portraits depict the strength and resilience of individuals living with HIV. Each photograph tells a unique story, inviting viewers to challenge their preconceptions and engage with the humanity behind the diagnosis.

Through his lens, Black showcases the diverse experiences of those affected by HIV, including prominent Black LGBTQ/HIV advocates and entertainers. These portraits serve as a powerful reminder that HIV does not define a person, but rather highlights their resilience and triumph in the face of adversity.

Confronting HIV Stigma in the South

Learn about the disproportionate impact of HIV in the Southern region and the importance of addressing stigma.

The South faces a disproportionate impact of HIV, accounting for 52% of new diagnoses in the United States despite only representing 38% of the population. 'Stories of Triumph' at Buckhead Art & Company sheds light on this pressing issue and aims to challenge the stigma surrounding HIV.

By featuring individuals living with HIV and their allies, the exhibition aims to create awareness and understanding. The stories shared within the gallery space serve as a catalyst for conversations about HIV, encouraging communities to come together, support one another, and dismantle the barriers of stigma.

Art as a Tool for Wealth and Empowerment

Discover how Buckhead Art & Company uses art to create wealth and empowerment in marginalized communities.

For Karimah McFarlane, the owner of Buckhead Art & Company, art is not only a means of creative expression but also a tool for creating wealth and empowerment in marginalized communities. Through the gallery, McFarlane aims to provide opportunities for artists from traditionally marginalized backgrounds to acquire wealth and gain recognition for their talent.

By hosting exhibitions like 'Stories of Triumph' and supporting philanthropic initiatives, Buckhead Art & Company demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact on culture and society. The gallery becomes a space where wealth, both financial and intangible, is cultivated, and where communities can come together to celebrate art and the triumphs of the human spirit.

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