Village and Businesses Collaborate for Festive Holiday Meet and Greet

Welcome to Cooperstown, where the holiday spirit is in full swing! The Village of Cooperstown is excited to invite you to a unique event that combines community camaraderie with a delightful Main Street stroll. Join us for the 'Meet & Greet and Stroll the Street' on December 5th, as we celebrate the season and support local businesses. Discover the festive activities, warm community spirit, and an array of shopping and dining opportunities that await you.

A Festive Gathering for Community and Commerce

Experience the magic of the 'Meet & Greet and Stroll the Street' event

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Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as the Village of Cooperstown hosts its monthly 'Welcome Home Cooperstown' gathering. This month's event is extra special with the 'Meet & Greet and Stroll the Street' celebration. Join us as we bring together community members and local businesses for an evening of festive fun and camaraderie.

The event kicks off at the Village Hall, where you can enjoy refreshments and gather around the community firepit. Engage in holiday crafts and story time at the library, led by Cooperstown Police Chief Frank Cavalieri. Don't miss the Cooperstown Art Association's holiday show and sale, offering a unique opportunity to support local artists.

After enjoying snacks and fellowship, follow the enchanting path of luminaria down Main Street. Experience the warmth and charm of more than two dozen local businesses and restaurants that will be open late, providing a perfect opportunity for holiday shopping and dining.

Welcome Home Cooperstown: Fostering Connections

Discover the purpose and success of the Welcome Home Cooperstown initiative

The 'Meet & Greet and Stroll the Street' event is the final gathering of 2023 for the Welcome Home Cooperstown initiative. This program aims to bring together new residents and long-time community members, fostering connections and creating a sense of belonging.

Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh expresses her satisfaction with the initiative, highlighting the diverse groups that have been invited each month. From students to medical staff and program graduates, the gatherings have successfully welcomed newcomers and sparked interest in making Cooperstown their permanent home.

With attendance ranging from 20 to close to 50, the initiative has been a hit. Join us for this special event and become a part of the growing Cooperstown community.

The Birth of 'Stroll the Street'

Unveiling the origins of the catchy phrase

Discover the story behind the catchy phrase 'Stroll the Street' that has become synonymous with the event. During a conversation between Jess Gorman of J Gorman Fine Jewelry and Lynne Mebust, a key contributor to the event, the phrase was born. It perfectly captures the essence of the Main Street stroll, evoking a sense of leisurely exploration and discovery.

As the event gains popularity, organizers hope to expand upon the concept in the future. Let the charm of 'Stroll the Street' enchant you and be a part of this year's festivities.

Join the Movement: Building a Stronger Community

Get involved and contribute to the growth of Cooperstown

The Welcome Home Cooperstown initiative is driven by a dedicated committee comprising village citizens and members of Cooperstown-based entities. Their goal is to create a more diverse, welcoming, and connected community.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the initiative's work. Join us in building a stronger Cooperstown by fostering connections, supporting local businesses, and embracing the vibrant community spirit that makes this place truly special.

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