Demand for Immediate Reopening of Caneto Classrooms: A Call for Quality Education

In response to the closure of the O'Chinebro school, the families of Caneto are raising their voices. They demand the immediate reopening of the classrooms, denying accusations, and defending the right to a quality education in their own home. Let's delve into the reasons behind their demand and the steps they are taking to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment.

Formal Request for Cancellation of School Transportation Service

The families of Caneto take a sustainable approach and request the cancellation of the school transportation service. Find out why and how this decision contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Demand for Immediate Reopening of Caneto Classrooms: A Call for Quality Education - 1866389703

The families of Caneto have made a formal request to the Ministry of Education. They are demanding the cancellation of the school transportation service that was offered as a partial solution to the closure of the Caneto classrooms. But why are they making this request?

With a strong commitment to sustainability, the families aim to avoid economic waste by the administration and contribute to the preservation of the environment. By canceling the transportation service, they are promoting the reduction of emissions in Caneto, aligning with their eco-friendly values.

Support for a Permanent Dialogue Table

Discover the resolution of the Sobrarbe Region's plenary and the families' support for a permanent dialogue table. Learn how this initiative aims to facilitate the reopening of the Caneto classrooms.

The families of Caneto fully support the resolution of the Sobrarbe Region's plenary. This resolution urges the formation of a permanent dialogue table involving representatives from the Region, the Fueva municipality, the O'Chinebro Parents' Association, and the Department of Education.

The objective of this dialogue table is to coordinate all the affected parties and facilitate the processing of the new file. By avoiding administrative delays and ensuring transparency, the families believe that this initiative will contribute to the prompt reopening of the Caneto classrooms.

Denial of Accusations and Clarification of Location

The families of Caneto refute the accusations and clarify the location of the school. Explore the documents that support their claims and learn the truth behind the allegations.

The families of Caneto strongly deny the accusation that the school is located in a grazing area. They have two documents that refute this claim and provide clarity on the school's location.

The first document is the well-known resolution of the CHE (Ebro River Basin Authority), which authorized the construction of an infant and primary school in Caneto. The second document is the minutes of the Fueva municipality's plenary session, which approved the installation of classrooms for the Caneto Infant and Primary School.

These documents, supported by the relevant articles of the TRLUA (Urban Planning Law of Aragon), clearly establish the legitimacy of the school's location and dismiss any allegations regarding its suitability.

Refutation of Safety Concerns

Discover the truth about the safety of the Caneto classrooms. Learn why the families deny the safety concerns raised and the measures taken to ensure a secure learning environment.

The families of Caneto want to refute the notion that the classrooms are unsafe. While it is true that they do not meet the requirements of the educational technical building code, they are not dangerous.

These prefabricated classrooms have an approved technical specification and have been certified as safe for any activity by a qualified technical architect. However, there are certain aspects, such as insulation and toilet measures, that do not meet the code's requirements.

The families are committed to ensuring a safe educational environment and are taking steps to adapt the classrooms in accordance with the technical building code. Their priority is to guarantee the safety of the students while maintaining the unique character of the Caneto classrooms.

Call for Immediate Reopening and Adaptation

The families of Caneto demand the immediate reopening of the classrooms and their adaptation to meet the technical building code. Explore their reasons and their determination to provide a safe and quality education.

The families of Caneto are resolute in their demand for the immediate reopening of the classrooms. They have received tremendous social support, which has allowed experienced and qualified teachers to continue schooling the students altruistically until the school reopens.

Additionally, the families emphasize the need for the classrooms to be adapted in accordance with the technical building code. Their aim is to ensure a safe educational environment that aligns with the required standards while preserving the unique qualities of the Caneto classrooms.

Based on their unwavering commitment and the support they have garnered, the families of Caneto call for urgent action to address the current situation and provide a quality education for their children.

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