Exploring Migration at the Mexico Border: A Glimpse into the Lives of Migrants

Join us on a journey to the Mexico border as we delve into the firsthand experiences of Mercer University students who volunteered with migrant support groups. Dr. Katherine Roseau and Libertad Aranza led a group of students to San Diego, California, where they engaged in service-learning activities and witnessed the realities of migration. This article sheds light on their eye-opening encounters and the impact it had on their understanding of immigration issues.

Volunteering at the Mexico Border: A Life-Changing Experience

Discover the profound impact of volunteering at the Mexico border and how it broadened the perspectives of Mercer University students.

Exploring Migration at the Mexico Border: A Glimpse into the Lives of Migrants - -1132689360

Engaging in service-learning activities at the Mexico border was a transformative experience for the Mercer University students. As they volunteered with migrant support groups, they witnessed the realities of migration and the challenges faced by those seeking a better life. This hands-on experience allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding immigration.

Through art workshops, interpretation services, and providing meals, the students directly contributed to the well-being of migrants at the transition center known as 'El Centro.' They had the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, hearing their stories and offering support.

By immersing themselves in this environment, the students were able to challenge their preconceived notions and develop empathy for the struggles faced by migrants. This eye-opening experience ignited a passion within them to address refugee and immigrant issues in their future endeavors.

Building a Curriculum: Addressing Refugee and Immigrant Issues

Explore the initiative taken by Mercer University professors to develop a curriculum that focuses on refugee and immigrant issues in language classes.

Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to teaching about immigration, Dr. Katherine Roseau and Libertad Aranza embarked on a mission to build a curriculum that specifically addresses refugee and immigrant issues. They noticed a gap in the existing language classes and aimed to concentrate on this important topic.

Partnering with organizations such as Church World Service and the Haitian Bridge Alliance, the professors integrated service-learning activities into their French and Spanish courses. This allowed students to apply their language skills in real-world contexts while also making a positive impact on the lives of migrants.

By incorporating discussions, readings, and projects related to immigration, the curriculum aims to foster a deeper understanding and empathy among students. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to engage with these complex issues and contribute to meaningful change.

A Glimpse into Migrants' Lives: Stories of Resilience and Hope

Delve into the personal stories of migrants at the Mexico border and the challenges they face on their journey.

The Mercer University students had the privilege of interacting with migrants from various countries, each with their own unique story. One individual, a French-speaking man from West Africa, shared his arduous journey from Brazil to the U.S. border. His school transcripts, soaked and fragile, symbolized the sacrifices made in pursuit of a better future.

Many migrants they encountered were attempting to enter the country through authorized routes, such as seeking asylum. However, the process often involved waiting to be detained and assigned a court date. The students witnessed the emotional reunions of separated families and the resilience displayed by these individuals in the face of adversity.

These firsthand encounters provided the students with a profound understanding of the human aspect of migration. It challenged their perspectives and highlighted the importance of compassion and support for those in need.

Impacts of the Experience: Reflections and Art Exhibition

Learn about the lasting impact of the students' experience at the Mexico border and their efforts to raise awareness through an art exhibition.

The experience at the Mexico border had a profound impact on the Mercer University students, prompting them to share their reflections through an art exhibition titled 'After the Wall.' This exhibition showcases the drawings of migrants and the students' own photographs and artwork, providing a powerful visual representation of their experiences.

The students' artwork and reflections will be displayed at the Green Light Gallery in downtown Macon, allowing the public to engage with their stories and gain a deeper understanding of the realities of migration. The exhibition serves as a platform to spark conversations and raise awareness about the challenges faced by migrants.

Through their participation in the exhibition, the students aim to foster empathy, challenge stereotypes, and inspire action. By sharing their experiences, they hope to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

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